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Finley Hair Powder ($18) Finley hair powder provides a simple and effective solution for dull and oily hair in between washes. Oversleeping with no time to shower or needing a quick refresher before heading out for the evening makes Finley hair powder the perfect weapon in your beauty arsenal.

My Thoughts:

Finley Hair Powder is a dry shampoo powder.  Unlike most dry shampoos that only come in one shade, usually white,  Finley Hair Powder comes in 4 different shades: black, brunette, blonde, and white. You don’t have to worry about missing patches of white powder to blend, because the hair powder matches your hair color. The powder was very easy to apply. All I had to do was sprinkle the hair powder onto my oily hair, and then brush my hair to blend and distribute the powder. Finley Hair Powder did a great job of absorbing all the oil and there was no unpleasant scent. However, the hair powder did leave my hair feeling dry like I spent the whole day at the beach or in the pool. My hair was kept oil-free until my next hair wash the next day. When I washed my hair, all the powder washed out. How did I know all the powder washed out of my hair? Because I used the black hair powder, it turned the water a dark gray color. That took me by surprise; not in a bad way. I just wasn’t expecting it. Overall, Finley Hair Powder did everything it set out to do. It blended into my hair seamlessly and absorbed all the oil from my hair. I would say it it’s a pretty good dry shampoo and worth giving a try.

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