Julep Nail Therapy Review


Julep Nail Therapy ($16) Use alone or as a basecoat for strong, beautiful nails. Hydrates and protects dry, brittle, peeling nails. Nourishes nails with Vitamin E. Dramatic results in just three days. Gently formulated to be 3-FREE, with no toluene, formaldehyde or dibutyl phthalate. Shine on! $1 will be donated to organizations that support women through our Powered by Girlfriends program.

My Thoughts:

Julep Nail Therapy is a multi-tasking product. You can use it as a basecoat and/or to nourish nails. As a basecoat, it did a good job of keeping the dark nail polish colors from staining my nails. As a nail nourisher, it did a good job too. I could notice my nails looking shinier and healthier after a few days. Julep Nail Therapy goes on clear despite the blueish tint in the bottle. It didn’t change the color of the nail polish either. Overall, Julep Nail Therapy did everything it was suppose to do. However, for me personally, Julep Nail Therapy seems quite pricey.

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