Skindinavia No More Shine Review


Skindinavia No More Shine ($29 for 4oz.) Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray. Controls shine and absorbs oil over face and t-zone while preventing makeup slippage. Formulated for oily skin types.

Features and benefits:

  • Extends makeup wear for oily and combination skin types.
  • Fewer required “touch-ups” throughout the day.
  • Stops makeup slippage on t-zone.
  • Can be used both under and over makeup.
  • Controls shine and oil without drying.

My Thoughts:

For the past several months, my face has become super oily and shiny by lunch time and this is after I blotted mid-morning. I needed something to help control the shine so I turned to Skindinavia’s No More Shine. Skindinavia’s No More Shine is a setting spray that controls oil and shine. The spray is very light weight and feels refreshing. There was no unpleasant smell nor did it ruin my makeup. It didn’t dry out my skin or leave behind a sticky feel. No More Shine didn’t keep my face matte all day like I was hoping, but it did cut down on the amount of times I had to blot to just once in the afternoon. Even though the setting spray didn’t keep me matte, it did keep my makeup in place all day long. I didn’t have to worry about doing a mid-day makeup touch-up. Overall, I wouldn’t use Skindinavia’s No More Shine as a way to prevent oil and shine. Instead, I would use it as a way to keep my makeup looking fresh and lasting all day.

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  • Lulu

    I heard this is similar to the UD sprays, like the UD sprays are made by scandinavia as well, so in a way it’s good to get this instead of UD because they probably marked up the price with a UD label.

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