How To Do A French Manicure


Do you remember last week I shared this photo on facebook and twitter? I promised you I would show you how to do a French manicure. Well, here it is!

Doing an at home French manicure is very quick and easy. I didn’t realize how quick and easy until a friend of mine showed me. Now, I want to share with you!

Find out how! *picture heavy*

You will need the following:

a base coat

a tip color (usually white, but you can choose a different color to make it festive)

a sheer pink/beige nail color (for American version)

a top coat

100% pure Acetone. It will work a lot better and quicker than regular nail polish remover.

a rounded eyeshadow brush. You don’t want it too dense or too big. The width of your pinky nail should suffice.

container. This is just a cough syrup measuring cup.

Okay. Got everything? Let’s get started!

The first step is to apply a layer of base coat and let the coat dry for a couple of minutes.

Next, take the nail polish color you want to paint your tips. I like to paint mine white. I try not to go too far down my nail because that just means more nail polish for me to remove later. I also find it best to paint on 2 thin layers instead of one thick one.

After painting the tips, it’s time to shape and clean the edges. Pour a little bit of the 100% Acetone into a small container.

Dip the rounded eyeshadow brush into the Acetone.

Brush away the excess. Use the roundness of the brush to help you create a slightly curved edge. There is no wrong or right way to remove the excess polish. Do whatever feels comfortable and easy for you. After each swipe, dip the brush into Acetone so the nail polish doesn’t collect on the bristles.

Now that the tips are done, paint on a thin layer of top coat (for the French version) or a sheer pink/beige color (for the American version).

Last step is to paint on a layer of top coat if you decided to do the American version and you’re done!

Easy, yes?

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