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I have thick black wavy hair but it’s waves are more messy not so nice , i would like to know how can i have pretty waves?

I’m not that great with hairstyles. To deal with my wavy hair, I don’t wash it everyday. More like every other day. Also, I use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. One that is made for wavy/curly hair.

How do you guys tame your wavy/curly hair?

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  • Y

    I use lots and lots of conditioning products. One of the best out there is Aussie’s Catch the Wave, which is a hair mousse that also contains leave in conditioner!
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  • Wendy A.

    Exactly my problem 3 years ago, first off I grew my hair out to almost elbow lenght it makes it easy to style.

    Every night after I shower I apply leave-in-conditioner and some type of styling creme (shine enhancing to be exact)then I blow dry my hair until it’s almost dry I put it up in a bun or for more controlled curls two buns (princess leah style) and when you wake up in the morning just comb your finger through with a little bit of mousse for a flexible hold and you will have curls that are gisele like but have more control.

    Also wash your hair everyday but alternate between shampoo and condiotioner make sure it a smooting conditioner.
    Hugs and hope this helps.

  • Audrey Dao

    great tips you guys!

  • I think if you run your fingers through the hair when you blow dry, it gives the natural wavy results better than using a brush.

  • Liz

    I damaged my hair a few years ago with too many highlights, making my poor wavy hair look like frizzy straw. I stopped coloring it and I don’t heat style, and I started a regimen of weekly deep conditioning, daily conditioning with good products, and hair oil on the ends. Now it looks fabulous and I’ve been able to back off quite a bit, just using good conditioners every day with the occasional deep condition and hair oil as needed. I used to really love the Frederic Fekkai treatment oil for colored hair but it seems to have been discontinued. I’ve also had good success from Orofluido.
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  • Leonor Miller

    I really appreciate these tips, I can also suggest one that is permming and which is already mentioned above.
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  • Lola T

    hey no worries, even I do have wavy hair, and I almost take head bath every alternate day. I apply coconut milk for my hair every fortnight to my oiled hair and take a head bath after 1 hour of application, once the application is dried to keep it wavy and more shiny.
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  • A great haircut, first. I flat iron it until it grows out past shoulder length – at which point I use hot rollers. Be sure to keep them in until they’re cool to the touch – about an hour for my thick hair. I condition at least once a week, BEFORE washing, with Rene Furterer hair mask cream. Pricey but so worth it! And I only wash 2 to 3x a week. Refresh with Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves – Audrey Dao’s recommendation!
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