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Scunci Design Weaver ($4.99) Make a statement by weaving fabric through any hairstyle. The Scunci Design Weaver Toolkit includes one oversize hair threading needle and five mesh ribbons in assorted colors to get you started. Now its easy to make dozens of unique hairstyles in just minutes.

My Thoughts:

Scunci’s Design Weaver is a hair weaving tool kit. It comes with colored fabrics and a weaving needle. The design weaver is very easy to use. You just thread the fabric through the needle and then start weaving it through your already styled hair. It’s that simple! You can use the Design Weaver with short hair and even with super long hair. The fabric is very light weight. It weighs almost next to nothing so you don’t have to worry about it weighing down/flattening your hairstyle. Overall, I wouldn’t use this on myself. I feel I’m too old to be weaving colorful fabric through my hair. I think the Scunci Design Weaver would be better suited for young girls. They would love the colorful fabric weaved through their hair.

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