Ask Audrey: Vol 23



I’ve been looking at all your nail polish swatches lately (love them by the way!) and I knew I had to ask you this question: how do you paint your nails? It always looks so smooth, even, and clean. Please share your secret technique!

Truthfully, the way I paint my nails is no secret technique. I paint them the way I was taught when I was a little girl. I call it the the 3-swipe method. Since I suck at taking photos and describing, I found the perfect diagram to explain and show the method I use to paint my nails.

Click on image for larger view.


I hope this helps!

Do you use the same method I do? Or do you paint your nails differently?

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4 comments to Ask Audrey: Vol 23

  • funkiichiicka

    This is exactly how I do my nails too!!! :)

  • Rai

    I don’t like having a gap between my cuticle and nail color, I push back the cuticle and paint right up against it. If necessary I clean up around my edges using a brush dipped in acetone or nail polish remover. (So much better than cotton swabs — it’s more precise and you don’t need to wait for your nails to dry because the brush won’t leave behind stringy cotton!)

    I also prefer to sweep from my middle dot toward the sides first, before doing the middle. The result is smoother for me.

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