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I have a thing for thick, bold brows. I think it helps frame the eyes beautifully. Plus, I feel it gives the face a gorgeous classic look.

Mine aren’t the thickest or the boldest, but this is what I do to try to achieve the look!

Step away from the tweezers and the scissors.

I admit staying away from the tweezers is super difficult. I sometimes tend to go tweezing happy too. By letting your brows grow out and not keeping them short, it helps create the illusion of thicker and longer brows. I still trim and tweeze a little bit to keep my brows nice and neat.

Fill in your brows.

Not everyone is blessed with thick brows, not even me. To make it seem as if I was born with thick brows, I fill them in. I sometimes use a pencil or a powder. Powders give a softer look while pencils give a stronger look.

Keep your brows in place.

I think it is super important to keep your brows in place. It helps maintains the shape of your brows and better frames your eyes. Also, groomed brows help give a strong appearance.

Do you have any tips or tricks to achieve thick, bold brows?

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3 comments to Thick, Bold Brows

  • Good tips, all. I’ve been through a bushier natural look, then plucked back way thinner. I’m now at a compromise level of thickness. I use a dark brown eyeshadow to fill in – lighter than my black brow hair – with an angled brush. Then I brush on a clear mascara-like gel and comb my brows up and out. This little step gives you a look that’s more awake. I think the color oxidizes and darkens after a short time. The shadow is expensive – you don’t want something that flakes! – but it was just a shade in a palette I already had. The clear gel is whatever I can find at the drugstore – whether browset or clear mascara. I haven’t found a brow pencil that will give me a natural look. Tweezing strays IS important. at least CHECK every 2 days.

  • Audrey Dao

    i tried using clear gel before, but i didn’t really like it. maybe because i put too much on, but it made my brows look wet and kinda hard. like hair gel.

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