Spring Nail Polish Colors


Spring is here! Although it doesn’t feel like it. We’re still being hit with winter weather here, but that won’t stop me from switching to spring colors.

For this spring, I wanted to focus on light creamy shades.

1. Zoya Heather – a creamy pale lilac shade.

2. Zoya Lianne – a creamy tangerine with gold flecks. Gotta sport the color of 2012 right?

3. Zoya Melanie – a creamy baby pink shade.

4. Zoya Shay – a creamy  nude.

What colors will you be wearing this spring?

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3 comments to Spring Nail Polish Colors

  • Isn’t it funny how we ‘hit’ the colours once we have a couple of days of sun or even when we think it’s meant to be sunny. Colour is a hugely important part of our lives, we need it!

  • Calee Dan

    I love nail polishes. However, I never tried Zoya. Now a must try, such cute colors.

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