How To Pack Your Beauty Products For Travel


Summer is here. School is out. Travel season is upon us. As much fun as traveling and seeing different places is, I don’t like to pack. This is how I pack my beauty products.

It may seem silly to make a list, but I cannot tell you how many times making a list has helped and saved me. I write down all the products I use from morning to night. I make the list 2 days before my trip that way if I’m missing anything, I still have time to get it.

I don’t know about you, but I hate using hotel toiletries especially their shampoo and conditioner. I always pack my own shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. I just use those clear mini travel bottles and jars and fill them up with whatever products I want to bring. Don’t forget to label the bottles and jars! You can find these mini travel bottles everywhere: drug stores, Target, dollar stores, beauty supply stores. This is a guaranteed way of assuring you’ll be using the products you like and that work for you.

The last thing I do is place all the bottles and jars that have a potential of leaking into a ziplock bag. To make it a little easier to grab, I bag bottles and jars together based on usage. For example, I place all bath products together or all facial products together. All these ziplock bags then go into my travel bag. If I’m traveling onto a plane, I just place all of the liquids into one bag to make going through airport security easier and faster.

How do you pack your beauty products?

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