Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat Review


Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat Review ($5.75) Quick Dry Top Coat sets in 60 seconds to a hard lustrous finish. Formula safeguards polish from nicks and chips

My Thoughts:

The Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat isn’t my favorite top coat I’ve tried thus far but it isn’t the worse. Don’t get me wrong. It works; just not as well as others. It leaves a shiny finish and dries quick (about 10 minutes). There isn’t a strong scent (Seche Vite I’m looking at you!). The top coat does a good job of keeping my nail polish chip-free. I can go about 3-4 days without seeing any chips. Another plus is the brush can reach the bottom of the bottle. Yay for no wasted product! However, it is oily. I don’t like how oily it is. It spreads and drips down my fingers. Also if I’m not careful, it creates bubbles. It isn’t a lot of bubbles, but it’s enough for me to notice. Overall, I’ll get it again because you’ll always find it on sale and you get so much product for how little it costs.

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