Survey Says: Best Beauty Advice


What was the best beauty advice you have ever gotten?

I would have to say the best beauty advice I’ve ever gotten was to embrace what I think are my flaws or things I don’t like. These things are what make me unique. I may not like my supposed flaws, but other people may do.

What about you? What was the best beauty advice you have ever gotten?

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7 comments to Survey Says: Best Beauty Advice

  • hofken

    The best beauty advice I ever received was more of a beauty nag “Don’t pick your face” I find that I passed that along to both of my kids. Truthfully, it is still good advice and I try to stick to it.

  • layla

    the best beauty advice i’ve even been given is to drink lots of water! i know, its quite a common piece of advice, but i can really tell the difference in my skin when i dont drink enough water!

  • I have one, I got it from korean singer, Daesung Bigbang on one of talkshow.
    He said ‘I always have to believe that my hands are very dirty. The moment you touch your face, game over!’
    Its quite funny though, but thats right! Our hand is dirty, we can’t touch our face often when we are on doing activities.

  • Ashley

    I love that!! MY friend always tells me the same thing when I complain about my flaws when we shop. hehe.

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