OPI The Man With The Golden Gun Review, Photos, and Swatches


OPI The Man With The Golden Gun ($38)

My Thoughts:

OPI The Man With The Golden Gun is a clear top coat with real flakes 18k gold. For reals! Real gold! It is limited edition and is part of the OPI Sky Fall Collection released in honor of the 50th Anniversary of James Bond. The top coat comes in a gold bottle that is boxed with a flip top. I thought when applying the top coat a lot of the gold flakes would come out, but instead it was really sparse. In the photo below, it took me 2 coats to get that much gold flakes onto my nails. I also found if you apply a second coat without letting the first coat dry a little bit, it would just brush off some of the gold flakes already on the nail. A bit annoying if you ask me. On the plus side, There is no need to add a top coat over this top coat. The flakes lay flat and don’t stick up. I can run my finger over my nails and just feel smoothness. The gold color is very versatile and can be combined with almost any color. It’s quite timeless. Also, I’ve been noticing a lot of gold this fall season so far. It was all over the runways. Overall, I feel it’s fun to have. It’s not something I think everybody has to have. I just wish it wasn’t $38.

Check out more photos of OPI The Man With the Golden Gun!

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