Bundle Monster Nail Stamping Plate Zipper Leather Case Organizer Review and Photos


Bundle Monster Nail Stamping Plate Zipper Leather Case Organizer ($14.99) We have the ultimate storing solution for your Bundle Monster nail stamping plates – we have designed our exclusive stamping plate zippered organizer! This portfolio styled case has a modern shiny vinyl, faux-croc skin textured outter cover with a soft velvet-like lining. This holder includes 14 soft, matte, see-through vinyl pages that have 6 slots per page. Each slot is designed and is strong enough to hold 2 plates per slot, which gives you 168 plate storage! Each slot fits a standard 5.6 cm nail plate and has a U-grooved design to make putting in and pulling out nail plates that much easier. Its portfolio design is slender and thin which makes storing the case easy for tight storage or easy to pick up and go for your nail parties. This case is also great for professional settings like a nail salon. The front of the case has the official “BM” logo etched in metal.

My Thoughts:

I love this case! I needed a way to organize all my stamping plates and this leather case is perfect for the job. Prior to the case, I was storing my nail stamping plates in a box. It was an absolute pain in the butt to dig through the box looking for a specific plate. The leather case reminds of of the CD cases I would use to hold CDs. This case holds 2 plates per slot and there are 6 slots per page. The case comes with 14 pages. So after all the math, the case can hold up to 168 nail plates total! That’s a lot of nail plates! Even though it may seem putting 2 nail plates into 1 slot may be a tight squeeze, I didn’t have any trouble sliding any of the plates in and out of the slots.  The case itself is pretty small and won’t take up a lot of room at all. Just imagine 3 plates by 2 plates. It’s very sturdy and can take quite a hit. I’ve dropped and scratched it on accident, and it still looks like new. Even the pages are study too. I don’t think they will be ripping or tearing anytime soon. If you’re looking for a way to organize your nail stamping plates, this case is a good option to consider.

Check out more photos of the Bundle Monster Nail Stamping Plate Zipper Leather Case Organizer!

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  • layla

    I’ve been using a cd/dvd album then again, I only have a few plates in my collection. this is great as the plates wont fall out or run around in the pockets. are the bundle monster plates the same size as the konad ones though?

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