Zoya PixieDust Special Texture Edition Review, Photos, and Swatches


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Zoya PixieDust Special Texture Edition ($54; $9 each) fused with magic and wonder! The latest “must-have” nail polish finish – textured, matte and sparkling! This newly developed formula is sure to captivate with a magical sparkle and sugary finish like no other. The color experts at Zoya have created six, long-wearing stunners for the introduction of this enchanting look.

My Thoughts:

I originally wasn’t interested in the  Zoya PixieDust collection because it reminded of glitter. However, after seeing swatches pop up on blogs and seeing how gorgeous and un-glitter like it was, I had to own it. Unlike glitter, the polish goes on so easily, just like regular nail polish. It goes on glossy and dries matte. In the photos below, you can see it drying; changing from glossy to matte. Also unlike glitter, the texture is different. It isn’t gritty and scratchy like how glitter can be. The Pixiedust polish feels bumpy, sort of how sandpaper feels bumpy but not as rough. The only thing the PixieDust shares with glitter is how it shined and sparkled. It’s suggested that you don’t use a base or top coat, but I decided to try it with a top coat just to see what it would look like. It looked amazing! The formula is a little bit on the sheer side but not a lot. You will need about 2-3 coats for full opacity. In the swatches below, I used 2 coats. I love all the shades, but my favorite shades from this collection are Dahlia (black) and Godiva (champagne). Overall, I love this collection. It’s unique and something I haven’t seen.

Check out swatches and more photos of the Zoya PixieDust Special Texture Edition Collection!

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2 comments to Zoya PixieDust Special Texture Edition Review, Photos, and Swatches

  • layla

    I love the champagne colour too. And you’re right, I think they look better with a topcoat. Are they a pain to get off like with regular glitter polishes?

    • Audrey Dao

      It removed easier than glitter nail polish but not as easy as regular nail polish. I guess somewhere in between.

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