Products I Did Not Know Existed: Pillow Jammie


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I have you guys heard of this? Pillow Jammie? I just found out about it, and I really want to try it.

Pillow Jammie is a special pillow cover designed for wet hair, hair oils and deep conditioners. The pillow cover is constructed with very soft microfiber towel that is ultra absorbent. It also has a secret built in liner that is 100% waterproof and stain resistant! Perfect to use at home or the pool.

How cool is this? I know what you are probably thinking. Can’t you just place a towel over your pillow before you go to bed? The answer is yes you can. But for me personally, every time I do that, in the morning I always find my pillow wet because the towel either on the floor or got tangled up with my blankets. Haha I just realized I sound like I’m selling these. I’m not by the way. I’m just so excited to have discovered a product that might solve my problem.

Did you know this existed? Are you excited as I am?

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  • Samantha

    YES!!! I bought a Pillow Jammie last month and it really is AMAZING! I too had the same problem of towel getting tangled with my blankets or on the floor. This is so much more convenient and the best part is it has a waterproof liner and my pillow stays completely dry. I also noticed that my hair is less frizzy in the morning and since it has towel fabric it doesn’t feel wet like a normal pillow case. I also used it for a hair oil treatment last week!! I LOVE IT!

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