March 2013 Ipsy My Glam Bag


Darn that Ipsy! Right when I say if the next month’s isn’t good, I’m canceling my subscription. What do they do? They suck me back in with a good bag. Darn you Ipsy! I feel Ipsy did a good job for their March 2013 bag. The theme is “The Great Escape,” and I just love it. Everything came in a navy blue and white striped bag with anchors on it. So cute!

Here’s what came in this month’s Ipsy bag:

LA Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Wipes (I can always use more makeup wipes)

GLAMRX Mini Freestyle Palette (It’s a magnetic palette that is empty. You decide what to put in it)

YABY Eyeshadow (I own a YABY palette and I love their eyeshadows. They are so pigmented and long lasting!)

Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist (I’m not a fan of scented sprays because of my allergies so I don’t know about this one)

Overall, it’s not my favorite Ipsy month because the bag itself is a bit flimsy. It felt thin and cheap, but I do like the cute print. I think I like this month’s Ipsy because the past couple of months have been bad and I was so sick of seeing solid colored bags. I was just so excited to see this month was different, and I can use most of the products.

Check out photos of March’s Ipsy Glam Bag and the products that came with it!

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2 comments to March 2013 Ipsy My Glam Bag

  • Melissa

    Agreed!. I’m excited to try some of the stuff the hydration mist make my face feel funny. and the magnetic palette is a cool idea

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