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Orly Nail Rescue

Orly Nail Rescue ($7.99) The Orly Nail Rescue Kit is a complete kit from Orly that includes three products to fix cracked, split or broken nails, so nails grow long and beautiful. A unique formula and easy application makes repair long-lasting and almost invisible!

 Kit includes nail repair brush on glue, nail repair powder and a mini-buffer.

My Thoughts:

Orly Nail Rescue is by far my favorite product of 2013 thus far. I cannot believe I have lived this long without. Orly Nail Rescue helps mend broken or chipped nails. No more sporting a band-aid over my broken nail until it grows out. No more cutting it super short. The repair kit comes with everything you need to fix your nail: glue, powder, and a buffer. It is very easy and quick too. All you do is brush on a little bit of glue over the chipped/broken part of your nail. Then, you dip your nail into the powder. Lastly, you wait for the glue to dry (depends on how much you layered on) and when it does, you buff it smooth so the glue is smooth and blends with your nail. Once you have the glue and powder all buffed out, you can’t even really tell your nail is broken. If  you paint nail polish over your broken, you really can’t notice your nail is broken at all. It’s amazing! The glue and powder holds up very well too! It held my nail together for almost 3 weeks before I noticed the glue starting to chip off a little bit. But that was okay, because by then my nail was ready to be clipped.

I simply cannot rave enough about the Orly Nail Rescue. It’s a gift from heaven I tell you! You can find it at Sally’s Beauty. I included a link above next to the listed cost.

Quick tip: don’t paint on too much glue because that means you have more to buff away once it dries. Just apply a thin layer of glue. If you feel it’s not thick enough, you can always layer another layer after it dries. Don’t be like me and pile on the glue all in one shot. Work in thin layers.

Check out photos of Orly Nail Rescue. Also, see before and after photos!

Orly Nail Rescue Review Photos

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2 comments to Orly Nail Rescure Review and Photos

  • Wendy A.

    Hi Audrey I tried this and it really worked especially after I stopped the Gel manicures but I was just wondering have you tried bonder? or nailtrition? I was wondering which one should I try?
    Thanks a mil girl.

    • Audrey Dao

      Hi Wendy!
      No, I haven’t tried bonder or nailtrition yet. I do want to try bonder next though. I’ve read good things about it

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