Manicure Monday: Nude With Black Tips French Manicure


Manicure Monday

Black Tip French Manicure Paris Nail Art

As I put together this week’s Manicure Monday post, some very dear friends of mine are traveling around Paris. Me missing them (and wishing I was in Paris too!) gave me the idea to do a French Manicure. However, instead of doing the traditional white tip, I thought I would do a black tip instead. I also thought a nude nail would go better with the black instead the usual sheer pink.

For the black tips, I used Orly Liquid Vinyl. For the nude nails, I used Zoya Shay. I also thought it would be a little fun to add an Eiffel Tower so I used Winstonia nail stamp plate W114.

I’m still trying to get the hang of nail stamping. I messed up a little bit on the Eiffel Tower so I tried to paint on the missing piece. Can you tell?

I hope you like this week’s Manicure Monday!

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