About Me


Who is Audrey Dao?

It’s me! Hello. My name is Audrey Dao, and I’m a Beautyholic.

I’m a twenty-something girl just trying to get through the day. I was born and raised by the beaches of California. My style is laid back, simple, and comfortable. I’m your typical penniless college student who is a sucker for sales. If there’s a sale, I’m probably there at the store or online buying everything and spreading the word about it. So be my friend and follow me to find out about sales and hot deals.

What is Audrey Dao – Confessions of a Beautyholic about?

I officially launched audreydao.com in March of 2008 as an online journal. That didn’t last long. Instead, I soon found myself confessing and sharing about all the beauty products I splurged on and saved money on. In February of 2009, I turned my online journal into Audrey Dao – Confessions of a Beautyholic. It became a place for me to keep track of all my beauty product purchases. I repeatedly unknowingly purchased products I had already owned and never remembered whether I liked a product or not. Don’t you hate it when that happens? From there, it has slowly morphed into what it is today:  a blog featuring lots of beauty product reviews, beauty information, giveaways, tutorials, and deals and sales.

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