How To Choose a Fragrance


Lancome Presents Allure Beauty 101 – Fragrance 101

1. Hit the perfume counters at midday, when your sense of smell is sharpest. Be sure not to wear any fragrance or heavily scented skin-care products.

2. Start by checking the bottles – they are meant to convey the feeling of the scent itself. Ask abut perfumes by your favorite designers – the scent is likely a reflection of his or her aesthetic.

3. Spritz a few contenders on paper blotters to narrow down your choices. Take a whiff of coffee beans (often at the counter) to clear your head.

4. Test the top three choices on your skin – spray one on each wrist and the third on the crook of your arm – to see how they react with your body chemistry. Allow 15 minutes for the scents to develop fully.

5. If you spreay one that you find offensive, go the bathroom and wash it off with soap and water, or rub the area with a cotton ball soaked with alcohol.

6. Ask for samples and wear them for a few days. If there is on that lifts your mood every time you smell it, buy it.

7. The best time to apply fragrance is after a shower. Hold the bottle at least six inches from your skin and spritz it at your pulse points, such as ankles, inner wrists, base of throat, and behind your ears.


Different Types of Perfume


Eau De Toilette

  • When to wear: During the day, at work, or casually.
  • These contain about 85% alcohol, so the fragrance will be light at first and then faint hours later.

Eau De Parfum

  • When to wear: When you want to smell nice, but not attract too much attention.
  • These contain about 7-15% pure oils and only 1/3 of the fragrance lasts all day.


  • When to wear: Special occasions.
  • These are the most potent liquid fragrances. Half the fragrance will evaporate within an hour, but the other half will stay strong all day.

Perfume Oil

  • When to wear: Special occasions.
  • Different oils are mixed together instead of diluted with alcohol. The slightest dab will last longer than alcohol based perfume, but smell less intense.
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