3 Quick Tips to Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger


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I’ve been wearing my glasses a lot more than my contacts lately. One of things I don’t like about wearing glasses is that it makes my eyes appear smaller. Personally, I’m a fan of the wide-eyed look. So I thought I would share these 3 simple tricks I use to make my eyes appear bigger.

1.  I curl my lashes. I cannot tell you how much this helps. After curling my lashes, I use two coats of mascara to help my curled lashes stay curled all day.

2.  I line my waterline with white eyeliner. This helps the white of my eyes appear bigger helping to create the   illusion of bigger eyes.

3.  I line my eyes with eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible. I make sure not to heavily line my eyes. Heavy eyeliner will make your eyes appear smaller.

Do you guys have tips and tricks to create the illusion of bigger eyes? Do share!


How Much To Tip For Beauty Services


Every time I go to a beauty salon, I am always left with the dilemma of how much do I tip for their services. What happens if I don’t like what they did to my hair? What if they did a bad job? What if…? How did I answer these questions? I googled.

Here is what I what I came up with.



Lancome’s Le Curler


Le Curler is Lancome’s latest innovation for creating lift and lasting curl. The specially designed hinge and no slip grip prevents pinching and pulling to help give perfectly curled lashes.  Le Curler also has a precise curve design to allow the curler to fit all eye shapes.

Even if you’re a newbie or a pro at curling lashes, check out the videos below. They contain helpful tips and tricks to get the perfect curl.

For more info and to share your story, check out Lancome’s Facebook and click on the Le Curler Tab!

Happy Lash Curling!


Thick, Bold Brows


Photos: top right designmom.com top left ohmygolli.tumblr.com center sparkling-glitter.tumblr.com bottom right vi.sualize.us bottom left thebrightbit.com

I have a thing for thick, bold brows. I think it helps frame the eyes beautifully. Plus, I feel it gives the face a gorgeous classic look.

Mine aren’t the thickest or the boldest, but this is what I do to try to achieve the look!



Holiday Beauty Look Inspirations


It’s that time of the year again. Time for the holiday parties!

Photo: inspired-design.tumblr.com and xxaammyysarrahh.tumblr.com

My favorite holiday makeup look is the red lips. It could be soft, bold, glossy, matte, sheer or dark. I love them all. I love the red lip. I love it because if done simple, it can be so classy and glamorous. It’s also the quickest makeup look to put together. You don’t have to worry about eye or face makeup. If I do decide to do a little eye makeup, it’s always the cat eye. I always use liquid liner because it gives a clean and precise finish.

Photo:  lovemaegan.com and littlehouseofhappy.tumblr.com

I love, love, LOVE to use glitter nail polish during the holidays. It’s the only time of the year I will sport glittery nails. My go-to glitter shade is gold. I love to layer it or wear it alone. I think it adds a nice warm touch.

Do you have a favorite holiday makeup look?

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