How To Pack Your Beauty Products For Travel


Summer is here. School is out. Travel season is upon us. As much fun as traveling and seeing different places is, I don’t like to pack. This is how I pack my beauty products.

It may seem silly to make a list, but I cannot tell you how many times making a list has helped and saved me. I write down all the products I use from morning to night. I make the list 2 days before my trip that way if I’m missing anything, I still have time to get it.

I don’t know about you, but I hate using hotel toiletries especially their shampoo and conditioner. I always pack my own shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. I just use those clear mini travel bottles and jars and fill them up with whatever products I want to bring. Don’t forget to label the bottles and jars! You can find these mini travel bottles everywhere: drug stores, Target, dollar stores, beauty supply stores. This is a guaranteed way of assuring you’ll be using the products you like and that work for you.

The last thing I do is place all the bottles and jars that have a potential of leaking into a ziplock bag. To make it a little easier to grab, I bag bottles and jars together based on usage. For example, I place all bath products together or all facial products together. All these ziplock bags then go into my travel bag. If I’m traveling onto a plane, I just place all of the liquids into one bag to make going through airport security easier and faster.

How do you pack your beauty products?


Soy Fashion Part 2: BB Cream Review


If you remembered from my last Soy Fashion post, Soy Fashion is an online boutique based out of Southern California. They sell trendy Asian clothing, jewelry, accessories, and beauty products.

Soy Fashion sponsored a few BB Creams for me to try out and review and gave me a coupon code to share with with you guys!

Coupon code: AudreyDao for 10% off your entire purchase!

Check out the reviews for the different BB Creams Soy Fashion sponsored! *picture heavy*



Soy Fashion Part 1: Asian Fashion, Cosmetics, and more!

Share is an online boutique based out of Southern California. They sell trendy Asian clothing, jewelry, and accessories. My favorite products they sell? Asian beauty products of course! Soy Fashion sells brands like: Lioele, Dolly Wink, My Beauty Diary, and various BB Cream brands. And that’s just naming a few!

  • New styles are introduced on a weekly basis
  • No drop shipping. They ship from their Orange Country warehouse, not from overseas
  • Same day shipping

Soy Fashion was very kind and sent me some beauty products to try out. Not only that, they gave me a coupon code to share with my lovely readers!

Coupon code: AudreyDao for 10% off your entire purchase!

Soy Fashion uses recycled and recyclable packing materials on all their orders! Mini parade for being environmentally friendly!

Check out the preview of the different BB Creams Soy Fashion sponsored!



Mother’s Day Beauty Gift Ideas


Mother’s Day is vastly approaching here in the States. May 8, 2011 is the day! Have you gotten anything for your mother yet? Need some ideas? Aside from your usual flowers and candy gifts, here are some Mother’s Day beauty gift ideas I came up with. After all, this is a beauty blog!

Give your mother the gift of relaxation. Maybe you can get her a gift certificate for a facial or massage or maybe both! You can spend time with her too by signing up for a mother-daughter or mother-son (do they have those?) facial/massage.

Help your mother get ready for a special Mother’s Day outting by taking her to get a manicure and pedicure or getting her hair and makeup done by a professional.

You can’t go wrong with pampering gifts. Get your mother an at home spa set or how about personalized scented candles? Does she have a favorite perfume?

Do you have any beauty gift ideas for Mother’s Day?

Check out some budget friendly (aka I’m-a-poor-college-student) non-beauty Mother’s Day gift ideas!



Guest Blogger: Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti


I am so excited to be able to feature our second guest blogger. Well, in this case bloggerS. Please give a warm welcome to Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti of How to Be a Redhead!

About Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti

Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti are founders of How to Be a Redhead (, a website that strives to make every redhead feel beautiful. Best friends, sisters, and natural-born redheads, Adrienne and Stephanie teach women  to love their looks with recommendations for hair, skin, make-up,  clothing, and more.

How to Perfectly Accent Your Gorgeous Red Hair

By: Adrienne & Stephanie Vendetti

How to be a Redhead believes with the right makeup, beauty tips and recommendations, any redhead- natural or not so natural- can be gorgeous! It is also important to follow trends, but put a “redhead twist” on it so your hair is complimented in the perfect way.

Your hair and makeup should always flatter your red hair; use these tips:

1)  Apply a thick black eyeliner to the top lid and apply black mascara. Leave the bottom part of the eye untouched. Warning: Redheads, do not be afraid to wear darker colors! Many people want to make redheads look as pale as possible, but we are here to tell you it is okay to go dark!

2)  Rock a red lip! Right now, it is extremely popular to wear the “Gwen Stefani red,” but we like to put our “redhead twist” to use and opt for a burnt red. We love Make Up For Ever’s Crayon Contour des Levres Waterproof Lipliner Pencil, 9C Aqua Lip. We first apply a chap stick then use this pencil as a lipliner and lipstick. It’s brilliant!

3)  Get a rockin’ do! Either get a side bang or full bang because it will put together your entire look with ease.

4) Many newly colored redheads are getting colored contacts to complete the typical redhead look. We love this idea! Go for a blue or green.

5)  Do this all while always looking young by making sure all products have an SPF! Redheads have extremely sensitive skin and must keep it maintained.

With these tips, redheads around the world will be glowing from head to toe. After all, isn’t it a redhead world and everyone else just lives in it? How to be a Redhead thinks so!

Keep looking beautiful!

Photo Credit: Kara Kochalko Photography; The Reditorial:

Many thanks to Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti for taking the time to share tips on how to accent red hair! Be sure to check out their site: How to Be a Redhead.

If you would like to be a guest blogger, please feel free to contact me here.

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