Combat Oily Skin


Summer is officially here in the states. Yay for great weather and sunshine! The downside to the great weather is the oily skin that comes from it. Boo!

Here is what I do and use to combat oily skin:

I use a primer. I avoid primers with the words “shimmer” or “glow” during summer. I already get enough shine from oily skin. I don’t need to make it more shiny looking. Primer helps your makeup from disappearing and sliding. I make sure I use a primer for my face and eye makeup.

After I apply all my makeup, I set it with a translucent powder. This will further help your makeup from disappearing and your face appearing super oily.

I don’t always use a setting spray. I only use it when I know I’ll be outside for a long time or in a hot, humid area.

My best friend during summer: oil absorbing sheets. These are great to toss in your bag, purse, or even pocket. They quickly remove oil and shine quickly without smudging your makeup.

What are some of your tips and tricks to combat oily skin?


Fight Dry Winter Skin


Happy First Day of Winter! Even though my favorite holiday is during winter, I’m not a fan of winter. Yes, I get wear my pretty boots, eat yummy warm soup, and go snowboarding during winter. These reasons do not make me forget the main reason why I loathe winter: dry skin and chapped lips. I suffer from dry skin all year long. Once winter rolls around, it gets worse. This is how I fight against dry winter skin:

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1. Moisturize like crazy! I carry lotion every where I go. I moisturize after I wash my face and hands and after I shower.

2. Drink lots and lots of water. Stay hydrated so your skin doesn’t dry out.

3. Avoid hot showers. Just take warm showers.

4. Avoid heaters blowing warm/hot air directly at you.

5. Apply lip balm all day long.

How do you fight against dry winter skin?


Guest Blogger: Holly Miller


About Holly Miller

The author of this post is Holly Miller, a writer for Coupon Croc, where you can grab a Very discount code to save on your favorite beauty supplies, skincare products and makeup brands.

A Short, Believe-or-Not List of Weird Beauty Tips That Actually Work

For those of us who want to look great without going to a salon on a daily basis, we often search diligently for easier-cheaper-faster ways to accomplish our goal. Some of the hints, tips and tricks we read are so outrageous that we cannot move quickly enough to distance ourselves from those techniques.

Believe it or not, though, some of those weird beauty tips actually work.

  • Brushed Hairspray

Many people know of the Hair-Spray-on-the-Brush trick for a good hairdo hold that still leaves your hair pretty soft. But how many times have you struggled with the hair stragglers that follow the bristles or the air current as you begin another stroke? Have you felt aggravated from it?

When you finish the hairspray stroke, flip the brush over and lightly coat it with the same hairspray, then gently stroke from your scalp to the end of the strands. The hair won’t lift from the static electricity, yet you won’t plaster your hair to your head. If your brush has too many openings for this to be effective, take an empty paper towel or toilet paper roll and coat the cardboard and try the same thing. If no rolled cardboard is available, try a small baggie and use it like a glove. Don’t over-coat the plastic, though. Remember: This is to calm the strays, not further hold your ‘do.

  • Rough Hands

Want to gently clean or remove light calluses from your hands and fingers? Take one tablespoon of honey and add one teaspoon of sugar and mix well. Rub over hands and fingers for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse well with a gentle soap in warm water.

The natural sweetness of the honey and its heavier consistency will inhibit the sugar from dissolving into the thick liquid, and the sugar granules subtly exfoliate the dead skin cells, leaving your hands smooth and soft.

If you have thicker calluses, it will, of course, take time for the build-up to get scrubbed away, but be patient. This trick really does work.

  • Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Gently blow dry your eyelashes before you curl them. The bit of heat gets those molecules moving faster and makes the eyelash easier to curl without risk of damage. Really. Don’t scald your eyes, but this truly helps.

As an extra boost, a hint of Vaseline on your lashes can help keep them in great condition. It doesn’t take much, so don’t overload.

Take an old toothbrush and use it to smooth rough or independent eyebrows into place. However, remember that they don’t have to worry about cavities, so resist the toothpaste habit.

  • Cold Contact

Keep your creams and lotions in the refrigerator. It can help extend their life, and the coolness can refresh your skin and give it a great glow.

The same goes for washing. Taking cold showers is rarely a treat, but a cool ending to your shower makes your skin look terrific. You don’t have to shock your system by turning off the hot water all at once. You can decrease the temperate a bit at a time, so by the time you are finished, a 30-second rinse in cool water is easily endured.  You save on utility bills, too, by using less hot water, and who doesn’t want to save money?

Thank you so much Holly for being a guest blogger. If you would like to be a guest blogger, contact me!


5 Skin Care Mistakes We’ve All Committed


These are some skin care mistakes I have learned from and have been told. I know there are a lot more, but these are the ones I think we all (including me) have committed.


Raise your hand if you’ve ever done this before. Come on. Don’t be shy. We’ve all done it before. Going to bed with makeup on can clog pores and cause breakouts. Keep cleansing cloth wipes on hand for days when you’re too tired to wash your face.


Another no-no most of us have done at least once. Picking, popping, or squeezing a pimple can cause scaring and/or cause more breakouts. Also, it can make your pimple even worse.

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Moisturizer 101


Lancome Presents Allure Beauty 101 – Moisturizer 101

1. Skip soap in the morning and instead simply rinse your face with a splash of lukewarm water (hot water is drying, and cold water is unpleasant).

2. Exfoliate once a week with soft, synthetic beads to eliminate patches of dead skin and allow moisturizer to penetrate more effectively.

3. Blot skin lightly with a towel, leaving the face slightly damp. Smooth on a quarter-size scoop of facial moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid or glycerin, concentrating on areas areas around the nose and cheeks.

4. Before bed, wash with a milky cleanser and apply a richer moisturizer; look for squalene, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, or panthenol to seal in moisture.

5. Turn on a humidifier to prevent moisture from evaporating from your face.

6. Eye and lip skin has fewer oil glands, making it especially prone to dryness. Smooth on an eye cream below the lower lashes and tap lightly to blend; slather on a lip balm with botanical oils, petroleum, or shea butter at least twice a day.

7. Makeup may not glide easily over a heavy moisturizer. Allow five minutes for all creams to absorb.

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