How To Apply Self-tanner


Lancome Presents Allure Beauty 101 – Self-tanner 101

1. Wash skin with a creamy cleanser ans shave legs. If you wax, be sure to wait 24 hours before self-tanning.

2. Exfoliate thoroughly with a scrub that contains soft, synthetic beads,paying close attention to the rough patches on your feet, knees, and elbows. Rinse, dry, and wait ten minutes for skin too cool.

3. Rub a thin layer of moisturizer around your nails, between your fingers and toes, and in your belly button.

4. When using a spray, stand in the shower or on a towel, and hold the nozzle about six inches from the skin (slightly farther when spraying the hands, feet, inner arms, and elbow). Spray from the toes up in sweeping motions or small circles.

5. To spray your upper back, raise one arm and point the can down over your shoulder. Then get to your lower back by reaching behind your wait and spraying up.

6. For self-tanning lotion, work a quarter-size blob (or an egg-size amount of foam) from feet to neck in horizontal, then vertical strokes.

7. Be sure to cover commonly missed areas – the neck, the sides of the body, and under the breasts. Wash hands with soap and a nail brush.

8. Wait at least 20 minutes before getting dressed, climbing into bed, or applying moisturizer.

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