Butter London Stiletto Stick Hydrating Heel Balm Review and Photos



Butter London Stiletto Stick Hydrating Heel Balm

Butter London Stiletto Stick Hydrating Heel Balm ($30) Stiletto Stick is a hydrating balm to soften and smooth your heels without leaving an oily feel on the skin. Dry, cracked areas will fade away, offering instant relief that keeps heels soft with continued use.

My Thoughts:

I’ll have to admit my first thought was “Did I just spend $30 for some feet balm?!” I was seriously contemplating about returning it, but I decided I should give it a try. Who knows. It might be a holy grail product. What attracted me to the Stiletto Stick is the packaging. I love the idea of the stick. It’s like a deodorant stick. You just twist the bottom to get more. I don’t have to touch my feet to rub on the balm. I just rub the balm directly to wherever I want it. No mess at all. My heels aren’t the prettiest. They take quite a beating from all the sandals and flip flip wearing I do so when I noticed how soft my feet felt after just one use, I was hooked. I apply the balm at night before I go to bed, and when I wake up, my feet are soft and smooth. The Stiletto Stick is very moisturizing, and doesn’t leave a greasy mess. I’m not sure how quickly the balm is absorbed, because I put it on before I climb into bed. I noticed a little goes a long way so $30 doesn’t sound so much anymore, because I can see the gigantic (almost 2 inches in diameter!) Stiletto Stick lasting almost forever.

See what Butter London Stiletto Stick looks like!



Orly Nail Rescure Review and Photos


Orly Nail Rescue

Orly Nail Rescue ($7.99) The Orly Nail Rescue Kit is a complete kit from Orly that includes three products to fix cracked, split or broken nails, so nails grow long and beautiful. A unique formula and easy application makes repair long-lasting and almost invisible!

 Kit includes nail repair brush on glue, nail repair powder and a mini-buffer.

My Thoughts:

Orly Nail Rescue is by far my favorite product of 2013 thus far. I cannot believe I have lived this long without. Orly Nail Rescue helps mend broken or chipped nails. No more sporting a band-aid over my broken nail until it grows out. No more cutting it super short. The repair kit comes with everything you need to fix your nail: glue, powder, and a buffer. It is very easy and quick too. All you do is brush on a little bit of glue over the chipped/broken part of your nail. Then, you dip your nail into the powder. Lastly, you wait for the glue to dry (depends on how much you layered on) and when it does, you buff it smooth so the glue is smooth and blends with your nail. Once you have the glue and powder all buffed out, you can’t even really tell your nail is broken. If  you paint nail polish over your broken, you really can’t notice your nail is broken at all. It’s amazing! The glue and powder holds up very well too! It held my nail together for almost 3 weeks before I noticed the glue starting to chip off a little bit. But that was okay, because by then my nail was ready to be clipped.

I simply cannot rave enough about the Orly Nail Rescue. It’s a gift from heaven I tell you! You can find it at Sally’s Beauty. I included a link above next to the listed cost.

Quick tip: don’t paint on too much glue because that means you have more to buff away once it dries. Just apply a thin layer of glue. If you feel it’s not thick enough, you can always layer another layer after it dries. Don’t be like me and pile on the glue all in one shot. Work in thin layers.

Check out photos of Orly Nail Rescue. Also, see before and after photos!



March 2013 Ipsy My Glam Bag


Darn that Ipsy! Right when I say if the next month’s isn’t good, I’m canceling my subscription. What do they do? They suck me back in with a good bag. Darn you Ipsy! I feel Ipsy did a good job for their March 2013 bag. The theme is “The Great Escape,” and I just love it. Everything came in a navy blue and white striped bag with anchors on it. So cute!

Here’s what came in this month’s Ipsy bag:

LA Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Wipes (I can always use more makeup wipes)

GLAMRX Mini Freestyle Palette (It’s a magnetic palette that is empty. You decide what to put in it)

YABY Eyeshadow (I own a YABY palette and I love their eyeshadows. They are so pigmented and long lasting!)

Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist (I’m not a fan of scented sprays because of my allergies so I don’t know about this one)

Overall, it’s not my favorite Ipsy month because the bag itself is a bit flimsy. It felt thin and cheap, but I do like the cute print. I think I like this month’s Ipsy because the past couple of months have been bad and I was so sick of seeing solid colored bags. I was just so excited to see this month was different, and I can use most of the products.

Check out photos of March’s Ipsy Glam Bag and the products that came with it!



Julep Maven Classic With A Twist: March 2013


If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I recently signed up to be a Julep Maven. My Julep style is Classic With A Twist and this is what came in my March Maven box:

Rock Star Hand Creme

Julep Strawberry-Mint Lip Balm

2 nail colors: Simone and Debra

I love the lip balm. It smells delicious! It smells like sweet candy. I haven’t tried the hand creme yet so I can’t comment on that. Julep Simone is described as “Soft pastel lilac opalescent shimmer” and Julep Debra is described as “Smoky taupe crème.”

Check out more photos of the March 2013 Julep Maven Classic With A Twist box along with the swatches!



February 2013 Ipsy Glam Bag


I received my February 2013 Ipsy Glam bag a couple days ago. I was really excited to open it, because I couldn’t wait to see what kind of makeup bag they would offer this month. I was hoping it would be better than last month. When I opened it, I was totally disappointed. I was disappointed with all of it.

First up is the makeup bag. I am so tired of seeing dark, solid colored bags. When is Ipsy going to toss in some color or prints into the mix? This is the 4th month in a row (which is how long I’ve been an Ipsy subscriber). November was a dark brown bag. December was a dark gray/silver. January was a dark navy blue. Now this month, black. And out of all the bags I’ve received thus far, this one stinks. Literally, it stinks. It has that strong plastic-y smell. I also hate the material it’s made out of. It’s like a patent-y, vinyl material. It catches dust and finger prints on the outside like no other.

Here is a list products that came in this month’s Ipsy Glam Bag:

Lash Card

Pixi Flawless & Poreless

Coastal Scents Eyeshadow

MICA Beauty Cosmetics Gel Liner

Pop Beauty mascara

As for the products, none of them I am overly excited for. The only full size product is the MICA Beauty Cosmetics Gel Liner. The rest are sample sizes; small sample sizes. I am so disappointed, I didn’t even want to try out the products. I think after I get over my disappointment, I’ll give the products a try.

Overall, I might cancel my Ipsy subscription. I just feel it’s starting to go downhill. I wasn’t excited about last month’s bag, except for the bag itself. This month, I was disappointed with the whole thing.

Are any of you Ipsy subscriber? Did you like this month’s bag?

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