Benefit It Stick Review


benefit-it-stickBenefit It Stick ($20) why we love it: An instant concealing pencil that disguises lines, blemishes and flaws for a smoother, younger appearance. This stick is IT!

what else you need to know: A few strokes of this ecru colored diffusing pencil in just the right places will help make you look young and cheery in seconds.

My  Thoughts:

I like to toss this into my bag when I travel or just in my purse in general. No worries about leakage. It’s a creamy concealer (it’s still creamy even when I forget to put the cap back on!) I don’t use it to cover major blemishes, just for a quick redness and fine lines concealing around the nose, mouth, and the eyelid. I also sometimes use this as a highlighter to highlight my brow bone and inner eye corners. I don’t think it will work for people with a dark complexion, but if you have a light to medium-light complexion, I think it will work for you.

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