Benefit Brow Zings Review


benefit-brow-zingsBenefit Brow Zings ($30) This complete brow kit comes with all the tools you need for clean, smooth, perfect brows. Kit includes: pigmented wax for shaping, natural-shaded powder for setting, discreet tweezers, hard angle brush, blending brush & mirror.

My Thoughts:

I achieved the most natural looking eyebrows using Benefit Brow Zings. Unlike eyebrow pencils, it doesnt leave your eyebrows looking harshly dark. Even though I’m Asian and have dark colored brows, I use the Light shade. Light is the lightest of the 3 available shades. To me, Light is dark enough to fill in my brows and still look natural.  I usually dip the brush in the wax first, then the powder, and then apply it to my brows. I recommend this product to everybody. It’s best to try out the lighteset shade first and then work you’re way up, because the Blonde shade is pretty dark already.


Too Faced Brownies and Benefit Instant Eyebrow Pencil Review


I have 2 eyebrow pencils. The first eyebrow pencil is the Too Faced Brownies ($18.50) in Browne-y. I found this pencil to be very smooth and non-clumpy. It didn’t tug or pull on my eyebrows as I colored in. Instead, it glided gently and effortlessly across my brows. There is a spool on the end of the pencil to help tame my brows and to disperse some color if I accidentally went eyebrow coloring happy. The color lasts all day and night.

Too Faced Brownies

Blonde-y Browne-y

Blonde-y                Browne-y

The second eyebrow pencil is Benefit Cosmetics Instant Brow Pencil ($20) in Medium to Dark. It is very similar to Too Faced Brownies. The only difference is I do have to sharpen this pencil more often. Other than that, these 2 pencils are practically identical in performance.

Benefit Instant Brow Pencil

Light to Medium Medium to Dark

Light to Medium  Medium to Dark

Although both these eyebrow pencils are absolutely wonderful, I do have to choose Too Faced Brownies over Benefit Cosmetics Instant Brow Pencil, because it is cheaper (by $1.50) and I have to sharpen it less, which to me means it will last longer.

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