Blistex Ultra Protection Review


blistex-ultra-protectionBlistex Ultra Protection ($2) Ultra Protection is formulated to give your lips and extra high level of protection against the elements, with a light feel that’s comfortable to apply.

Ultra Protection provides 6 protectants to defend your lips from nature’s drying forces in any season, reducing the effects of cold, wind and sun.

Ultra Protection has a broad range of sun protection features:

  • SPF 30 - Provides 30 times your natural protection against burning. Remember, LIPS DON’T TAN, BUT THEY DO BURN®.
  • UVA – Protects from burning UVB rays and less noticeable UVA rays
  • Water Resistant - Retains protection for at least 80 minutes when in water
  • PABA Free – For sensitive lips
  • Anti-Oxidants – Help neutralize damaging oxidants from the environment to supplement lips’ own defense

My Thoughts:

This balm has a hint of sunscreen smell which I don’t mind at all. I love the smell of sunscreen! It reminds me of the beach so much. It’s not my favorite balm because it’s bit thick and gooey when I apply it. However, Blistex Ultra Protection leaves my lips feeling soft, moisturized, and protected. This balm isn’t something I would repurchase, because I prefer a balm that protects and moisturizes with thin layer. I want to feel like there is nothing on my lips.

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