Cargo TexasLash Mascara Review


cargo-texaslash-mascaraCargo TexasLash Mascara ($20) TexasLash™ Mascara is a maximum lash voluminzing formula that produces Texas-sized lashes in just one coat! The fat, oversized brush allows for easy application in a single coat. The unique formula creates high volume lashes in an instant. TexasLash™ Mascara doesn’t flake, smudge or run!

My Thoughts:

I didn’t like this mascara. I feel it didn’t deliver the instant volume. In fact, I don’t think it delivered any volume at all. The formula was drying and made my lashes look a little stiff. The brush is really big, so you have to be careful about getting mascara on your eyelid when you apply it. I was hoping this mascara would deliver what it promised, but it failed miserably. On the plus side, it doesn’t flake, smudge, or run.


Cargo Lip Gloss Duo Review


cargo-lip-gloss-duo Cargo Lip Gloss Duo ($20) A favorite of beauty editor’s the world over. Packaged in jumbo tins, these duo-color glosses have an unbeatable formulation that provides sheer, slick color.

My Thoughts:

If you’re looking for a subtle color, this is the lip gloss for you. It’s very light light on the lips and non-sticky. It’s not very long-lasting so you have to reapply every couple of hours. I don’t like sticking my fingers into the gloss to apply. Instead, I use a lip brush. It’s kind of annoying, but it’s great for school or a natural look.


Cargo Eye Shadow Duo Review


Cargo Eye Shadow Duo ($20) are amazing! For a powder shadow, they are creamy smooth. They are also silky and majorly pigmented. A total must-have.

Cargo Eye Shadow Duo

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