Clinique Makeup Brush Cleanser Review


Clinique Makeup Brush Cleanser ($13) Thoroughly cleanses brushes, removing makeup residue build-up. Keeps brush hairs in optimal condition. Monthly cleansing is recommended to ensure the highest level of hygiene, help brushes last longer.

My Thoughts:

I have been using the Clinique Makeup Brush Cleanser for years. Why? Because the bottle is huge and always lasts me at least a year. For $13 you get an awesome brush cleanser. Not only is the bottle huge (it’s 8 oz), it also does a wonderful job doing quick cleaning of brushes in between washings. I love that it’s a spray bottle. You won’t have to worry about spilling or using too much. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth. The brush cleanser has never caused any breakouts (that I know of) and it leaves my brushes feeling soft and not dried out. There is no funky smell, and it’s very gentle.  I highly recommend Clinique’s Makeup Brush Cleanser. No matter how many different brush cleansers I try, I find myself always coming back to Clinique’s.


Foundation Brush Review


It is very important to pick a good foundation brush, because it is the key to a flawless face. Foundation brushes should be flat, firm, and made of synthetic bristles. I feel the 2 best foundation brushes are Lancome Foundation Brush #2 and Chanel Foundation Brush #16. Both provide a natural, flawless, streak less application. Both these brushes are very sturdy, and the bristles can handle a good washing.

Lancome Foundaton Brush #2 ($33)

Lancome Foundaton Brush #2

Chanel Foundation Brush #16 ($40)

Chanel Foundation Brush #16

Even though these brushes are on the pricey side, they are a good investment. You will not have to buy another foundation brush for years. By years, I mean 20. The best way to buy these brushes is to buy them in a set instead of individually.

Lancome Holiday Travel Brush Set–Face costs $55 (valued at $125). The foundation brush alone is valued at $33. So you will be getting an additional 3 brushes for $22. The set includes:

  • Powder Brush #1 (valued at $45)
  • Highlighting Brush #3 (valued at $26.50)
  • Foundation Brush #2 (valued at $33)
  • Concealer Brush #8 (valued at $25)

Lancome Holiday Travel Brush Set--Face

Chanel Professional Makeup Brush Set costs $120. The foundation brush is worth $40. So you will be getting 3 brushes for $80. The set includes:

  • Shadow/linear Brush #4 (valued at $27)
  • Eyeshadow #2 (valued at $29)
  • Foundation #16 (valued at $40)
  • Blush #7 (valued at $46)

Chanel Professional Makeup Brush Set

Both the Lancome and Chanel foundation brushes work equally well. I personally chose Lancome, because I am not going to shell out extra money for the “Chanel” logo.


Chanel Teint Innocence Compact Foundation Review


I really liked the Chanel Teint Innocence Compact Foundation ($56). It is a spf 10 creme foundation that provided a natural, dewy, luminous complexion. Because it is a creme foundation, it provided more of a medium to heavy coverage depending how much you layered on. The only reason I stopped using it was because I could not find a shade that suited my yellow undertones. I found most of the shades for Chanel Teint Innocence was more suited for pink undertones. If Chanel provides shades with yellow undertones, I surely will start using this foundation again. It was almost the perfect creme foundation.

Chanel Teint Innocence Compact

Gentile Ivory 0.8 Cameo 1.0 Shell 1.5 Beige 2.0

Gentle Ivory 0.8           Cameo 1.0                  Shell 1.5                 Beige 2.0

Soft Bisque 2.5 Rose 4.0 Natural 4.5 Wheat 6.0

Soft Bisque 2.5               Rose 4.0                 Natural 4.5               Wheat 6.0

Soft Honey 7.0 Walnut 8.0

Soft Honey 7.0             Walnut 8.0

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