Chapstick True Shimmer Review


chapstick-true-shimmer chapstick-true-shimmer-tropical

Chapstick True Shimmer ($2.99) The only ChapStick® with shimmering highlights… Add shimmering highlights with our latest moisturizing lip balms. True Shimmer™ Botanical Berry and True Shimmer™ Tropical dress your lips with a radiant shine every time you put them on. Choose one or both to highlight your lips for a healthy, beautiful look and feel.

My Thoughts:

I have this in True Shimmer Tropical (pictured above), and I don’t really like it. It does keep my lips moisturized and chapped-free. I don’t like it, because it’s glittery. I thought the shimmer would be like a gloss-like shimmer, not a glitter-shimmer. If the glitter specks weren’t so noticeable, I would like it. It doesn’t go on clear. It has a whitish tint to it. I’m guessing because True Shimmer Tropical is a cream color. I also wish it had some SPF. Living in Southern California, I’m constantly blasted with sun rays. It’s really important for my lip balm to have SPF.

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