Coppertone Sport Lotion SPF 50 Review


coppertone-sport-lotion-spf-50 Coppertone Sport Lotion SPF 50 ($10.49 for 8 oz.)

  • Waterproof and ultrasweatproof, so it won’t run into eyes and sting
  • Ultradry formula allows for no-slip grip
  • Oil free
  • Broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection
  • Available in 4 oz. and 8 oz. sizes

My Thoughts:

Coppertone Sport Lotion is my go-to sun block all year round. When you live in California and it feels like Spring and Summer year round, you need a good sun block that is sweatproof. I live an active life, so I’m outside quite a bit. Whether it’s jogging, playing tennis, swimming, or chilling at the beach, Coppertone Sport has never failed me. It has never stung my eyes when I went swimming. An absolute plus! Because trust me, getting sun block in your eyes is a painful, irrititaing feeling and experience. It goes on like a lotion with no sticky, greasy or layered feeling. It also dries quickly and doesn’t rub off or melt in the heat. I have never burned when I’m wearing Coppertone Sport. A total HG sun block.

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