Hot Tools Curling Iron Review


Hot Tools Curling Iron (ranges from $37 to $47)

Hot Tools Gold Spring Curling Iron is great for adding waves, curls, or volume to any hair style. The Patented Pulse Technology® senses heat loss and begins restoring it immediately so the iron stays hot, curl after curl. The 24K gold plated barrel speeds the circulation of heat, enhancing heat up and heat recovery.

  • Patented Pulse Technology® for Gets Hot… Stays Hot™ performance
  • Variable heat settings with built-in rheostat control up to 430 degrees
  • Powerful spring clamp
  • Extra-high heat
  • 24K gold-plated barrel
  • Fast heat up
  • Heavy-duty long-life heating element
  • Foldaway safety stand
  • Pilot light
  • Extra-long cool tip
  • Soft-Grip¿ textured handle
  • 8-ft. cord
  • On / Off switch
  • Solid-state circuitry
  • One-year warranty
  • My Thoughts:

    I love Hot Tools curling irons. I own the 1 inch and the 2 inch curling irons. Ever since I cut my hair short, I wish I owned the 1.5 inch curling iron too. The curling iron can get ridiculously hot and does an amazing job of curling my thick Asian hair. I have the type of hair that will not and cannot hold a curl.  I love that the curler heats up very quickly and has a super long cord. Because the curling iron can get really hot, it cuts the amount of time to curl my hair in half! Talk about time saver. Hot Tools makes high quality curling irons that are affordable. In fact, I want to say it is one of the best curling irons. Every curl is perfect spiral with no kinks. Even though Hot Tools curlers range from $37 to $47, you can always find it for half the price. Just check sites like Amazon, GlamourBeautyCenter, Folica, and Ulta (during sales).


    Hot Tools Professional 3-Barrel Waver Review


    Hot Tools Professional 3-Barrel Waver ($44.99)

    Professional Features

    • Quickly creates deep, luxurious waves in any type of hair
    • Soft-Grip™ textured handle
    • Extra-hot 60 watts
    • Heat pre-set to perfect temperature
    • Comfort-grip Marcel handle
    • On / Off / High / Low heat switch
    • 24K gold-plated barrel
    • Safety stand
    • Patented Pulse Technology® for Gets Hot… Stays Hot™ performance
    • Variable heat settings for any hair type
    • Extra-high heat
    • Fast heat-up
    • Heavy-duty, long-life heating element
    • Slim, easy-to-grip handle
    • 8-ft. heavy-duty, tangle-proof cord
    • On / Off switch with pilot light
    • Solid-state circuitry
    • One-Year Warranty

    My Thoughts:

    I was able to get this from Ulta for free through their spending rewards club. I really like it and I’m glad I chose this as my reward. If you’re hoping it will create the loose beachy waves, it won’t. The waves it creates is similar to that of the waves you get when you braid your hair. If you have thick hair and a lot of it like me, I wouldn’t use it on every strand/layer of hair. You’ll end up with majorly big hair. I just use it on the top half of my hair. I’ll use it a little bit on the bottom half of my hair just to give the illusion that all of my hair is wavy.  If you’re hair is fine and/or thin, you don’t have to worry about this problem.

    It does take a couple of minutes to warm up, but it does really heat up. Be careful when using it because you can burn yourself if you’re not careful because the ends of the barrel don’t have the heat protectant material. I personally wouldn’t pay the full $45 for it because I can just braid my hair and leave it in overnight to get the same waves. However, it’s always on sale for nearly half price (check out Amazon) so get it then.


    Hourglass Supernatural Waterproof Bronzer Review


    hourglass-supernatural-waterproof-bronzerHourglass Supernatural Waterproof Bronzer ($45) An extended-wear, waterproof bronzer that withstands high humidity and extreme moisture. Hourglass Supernatural Waterproof Bronzer seamlessly blends onto skin to create a natural bronze color. Oil free and long wearing, Supernatural is the go-to bronzer for swimming, outdoor activities, and the summer heat. Supernatural is housed in the Hourglass signature 360° swivel compact with a custom, PETA-friendly brush applicator.

    My Thoughts:

    Why oh why does this bronzer cost $45? I really wish it didn’t, but I have to admit it’s worth it. Hourglass Supernatural Waterproof Bronzer is amazing! It goes on so light and smooth. You don’t even know you’re wearing it. In fact, people looking at you won’t know you’re wearing it. It looks so natural. If you have pale skin, you don’t have to worry about it being too dark, and if you have dark skin, the sheer formula is buildable. The best part? It’s waterproof! Finally! A bronzer that won’t melt off my face in the California heat. I’ve tried it a few times already in warm weather, and it is waterproof. No streaking. No running. It stays put. The swivel mirror is also fun to play with.


    Harajuku Lovers Perfume




    Harajuku Lovers “G” Eau de Toilette Spray
    (0.3 oz $30, 1oz $45)

    Fragrance: A modern gourmand. Tropical. Sunny. Delicious.

    Top: Fresh Coconut, Crisp Mandarin, Apple Skin

    Mid: Jasmine Sambac, Soft Freesia, Magnolia Vapor

    Base: Cotton Woods, Coconut Cream, White Sandalwood

    My Personal Thought: This has a tropical, coconut-like smell.


    Harajuku Lovers ‘Love’ Eau de Toilette Spray
    (0.3 oz $30, 1oz $45)

    Fragrance: a sensuous floral. Tender. Romantic. Sensual

    Top: Pink Pomelo, Sparkling Bergamot, Bamboo Leaf Mist

    Mid: Rose, Watery Peony, Egyptian Jasmine

    Base: Creamy Vanilla Orchid, Sensual Musk, Blonde Wood

    My Personal Thought: This has a musky, floral smell.

    Lil Angel

    Harajuku Lovers ‘Lil’ Angel’ Eau de Toilette Spray
    (0.3 oz $30, 1oz $45)

    Fragrance: a fruity floral. Colorful. Tasty. Sweet.

    Top: Pineapple, Raspberry, Cranberry, Blackberry

    Mid: Candied Violet, Pear Blossom, Sugared Rose

    Base: Lollipop Accord, Hinoki Wood, Crystal Amber

    My Personal Thought: This has a fresh, fruity smell. My favorite out of the whole set.


    Harajuku Lovers ‘Music’ Eau de Toilette Spray
    (0.3 oz $30, 1oz $45)

    Fragrance: A delicate floral. Sparkling. Yummy. Juicy.

    Top: Sparkling Pear, Clementine

    Mid: Sweetpea, Jasmine Sambac, Honeysuckly

    Base: Sleek Woods, Vanilla, Skin Musk

    My Personal Thought: This has a floral smell.


    Harajuku Lovers ‘Baby’ Eau de Toilette Spray
    (0.3 oz $30, 1oz $45)

    Fragrance: A powdery musk. Fresh. Clean. Soft

    Top: White Rose, Bergamot, Freesia

    Mid: Orange Flower, Tiare Flower, Jasmine Petals

    Base: White Musk, Soft Woods, Vanilla, Violet

    My Personal Thought: This has a baby powder smell.

    Harajuku Lovers Coffret Solids

    Harajuku Lovers Coffret Solids ($65)

    The set includes all five girls in solid perfume compacts.

    My Personal Thought: Great for travel.

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