Lush Dream Cream Body Cream Review


Lush Dream Cream Body Cream ($24.95) If you’ve got skin with severe problems, you could spend your whole life dreaming of a clear, trouble-free epidermis. Give our best-selling Dream Cream a try; we get loads of emails about how well it works. With a base of oat milk (traditionally used to calm skin), it’s packed with every calming plant we could find: tea tree, lavender and chamomile, moisturizing olive oil and loads more. If it seems nothing works to calm your skin, apply a healthy dose of this, our best-selling cream. You can thank us later.

My Thoughts:

I heard so much about Lush’s Dream Cream and the wonders it worked that I had to try it out. I was already put off by the $24.95 price tag, but i figured it’s popular for a reason. Right? I bit the bullet and bought it. I really wish I didn’t. It does not smell good at all. At least to me it doesn’t. It’s a strong lavender herbal smell and the smell lingers for hours. The consistency reminds me of yogurt with some grease. It didn’t absorb quickly into the skin. It felt like it took an eternity to be absorbed. The moisturizing effect wasn’t anything special. I didn’t notice any difference in my skin at all. I also hate the jar-like-tub packaging.I hate having to dip and dig my fingers into the jar. It’s kind of gross.

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