Paul and Joe Mascara Duo Review


Paul and Joe Mascara Duo ($28.00) This mascara has two different brushes on each end. One end has a regular mascara brush while the other end has a comb-like brush. What I like about this mascara is that it provides both volume (the comb) and length (brush). The mascara formula has fibers that cling to your lashes every time you apply to help make them longer. The comb coats every lashes and separates to provide thickness. It’s not extremely voluminizing and lengthening where your lashes look fake. Instead, it makes it look like you were naturally born with long, thick lashes. I hope that makes sense. Because it provides both length and volume, you don’t need to use a base or lash primer. It is also smudge and flake proof! The mascara isn’t drying and can hold a curl.

Besides the awesome performance the Paul and Joe Mascara Duo puts on, I think my favorite part of the mascara is the packaging. It is very pretty and gives off an Old Victorian vibe. This is a very expensive mascara. I was able to get it from softsurroundings when it was on sale for $10. Would I pay $28 for it? Chances are no. I just think that is too much for a mascara. If I’m paying $28 for a mascara, it better be a miracle mascara.


I wore this mascara to Disneyland and it lasted the whole time I was there (over 12 hours!). It lasted through the hot, sunny day, the long lines, and the water rides. Not a smudge or smear in sight and my curled lashes was intact.

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