Sally Hansen Spray On Shower Off Hair Remover Review


sally-hansen-spray-on-shower-off-hair-remover Sally Hansen Spray On Shower Off Hair Remover ($7.99 )

  • Now, you can spray your stubble away!
  • The easiest, fastest, most effective way to remove unwated hair.
  • Drip-free spray for legs, body, arms and more.
  • No touching, no spreading, no mess.
  • 360 Degree spray can spray upside down for those hard to reach areas.
  • Results in as little as 3 minutes!
  • Helps reduce the appearance of hair regrowth.

My Thoughts:

This doesn’t smell as bad as Nair and Veet, but it still does stink. It doesn’t wash right off like it’s advertised. You have to use a washcloth or something to wash it off. You also have to leave it on much longer than 3 minutes for it work. It doesn’t remove all the unwanted hair, and there’s barely enough product in the can for both legs. I’m really beginning to think these hair removal cremes don’t ever work and I should just stop trying them out.

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