Silk Oil Blotting Paper Review and Photos


Silk Oil Blotting Paper ($1.50 for 100 sheets)

My Thoughts:

First off, you can find the Silk Oil Blotting Paper at Daiso (a Japanese store). My favorite thing about these blotting papers, besides the pink color, is that it’s huge! It’s probably the biggest blotting paper/sheet I have ever used. It measures about 3.5 inches (7.5 cm) all around. When the blotting paper absorbs the oil, it changes from a light pink color to an even lighter pink, whitish transparent color. It’s a bit difficult to see the color change, but it’s noticeable. I love how easily the paper dispenses from the packaging. It dispenses like tissue from a tissue box. You just pull on the top sheet and next sheet peeks out ready for use. The paper is soft and doesn’t scratch your face. It doesn’t ruin or remove your makeup or leave back any residue. It does a great job of absorbing all the oil off of my face. Because of large size of the paper, I only need to use 1 paper. Even though the Silk Oil Blotting Paper is great, I do have a few complaints. The first is the paper tears when too much oil is absorbed. I think the paper tears easily when oil is absorbed because the paper is on the thin side. Second, the flap pops open because the slot where the tab slides in to close the flap gets worn out. Even with these complaints, I will still continue to purchase the blotting paper because you get more bang for the buck compared to other brands.

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