Urban Decay Baked Bronzer Review


urban-decay-baked-bronzerUrban Decay Baked Bronzer ($24) Our bronzer’s name is a bit of a triple-entendre. First of all, it gives you a nice baked, toasty glow without the threat of skin damage. Second, it’s literally baked in an Italian oven on a tiny terra cotta disc for 24 hours, then hand-finished by a factory full of motherly Italian women. The result is an ultra-smooth, sheer-finish bronzer that can be used wet or dry and always goes on streak-free. And third, well, if you don’t get the joke, we’re just not going to tell you.

Apply dry with a fat brush for a light dusting of summer sun, or use it wet with a sponge for a deeper St. Tropez shade. Because the formula is cooked, not pressed, the powder returns to a micro-fine feel after being wet – without glazing!

My Thoughts:

Another great item from Urban Decay and so worth the $24! This bronzer has lasted me forever, and it’s still going. I have yet to hit the bottom and it has been over a year. When the light hits your face, it gives you this angelic glow. It’s amazing! It doesn’t make you look dirty or orange. I can’t think of a dupe, because chances are, there isn’t one. There are 3 different shades: baked, gilded, and toasted. So you will for sure find a bronzer shade for you. It never looks to dry or powdery. Besides the awesome performance the bronzer puts on, the packaging is so cute! It comes packaged like a cupcake!

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