Zoya REMOVE+ Big Flipper Review


Zoya REMOVE+ Big Flipper ($9.99) Big Flipper Bottle filled with Remove+.Three in one-The perfect remover, nail cleaner and nail prep product all together in on great solution. Great lavender scent.

My Thoughts:

I am loving this nail polish remover! It is my favorite nail polish remover I have ever used thus far! REMOVE+ isn’t drying and it gets the job done quickly. Plus, I love the Big Flipper top it came with. I don’t have to pour the polish remover onto a  cotton ball/pad. I just place the cotton ball/pad on top, push down a couple of times, and I am ready to remove nail polish. No mess, no spillage, and all done with one hand. Another great thing is it doesn’t smell as bad as most polish removers. It is expensive so I only use it to remove glitter or difficult to remove nail colors. I can’t afford to use it every time I change nail polish colors.

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