Revlon Articifical Nails Runway Collection Review Part 2


This is a follow up to my previous post: Revlon Articifical Nails Runway Collection Review. I cannot rave enough about these artifical nails. I am hooked on them. They are so easy to apply and remove. I also love the different designs. There are designs for everybody: simple, flashy, conservative, etc. The best part is they are affordable ($7.99). I’ve received a number of compliments and had people ask me which nail salon I go to. They were really surprised to find out it was Revlon Articifical Nails Runway Collection.

In case you don’t know or remember what they looked:


I’m wearing Revlon Articifical Nails Runway Collection in Starlet.



Revlon Articifical Nails Runway Collection Review


revlon-runway-collection-artificial-nails I recently had the priviledge of trying Revlon Runway Collection, Revlon’s new artificial nails collection. I’ve never applied artifical nails before, so trying out Revlon’s artificial nails was a new experience for me.


Revlon Runway Collection comes with 24 nails in 12 different sizes, glue, a buffer, and a manicure stick. On the back of the box are easy-to-follow directions on how to apply and remove the articifial nails. I was a little worried about the nails fitting, because my fingers and nails are long and slender (difficult to see in the picture below). But, because it came with 12 different sizes, finding the right fit for each nail was pretty easy. Applying glue to my nails and the artificial nails was also pretty easy and surprisingly not that messy. If a little bit of glue leaked out between my nail and the artificial  nail, I just used the manicure stick to wipe off the excess glue. Even though the directions on the box said to press down on the nail for 5 seconds, I found it looked better if I pressed down for 10 seconds.


I’m wearing Revlon Runway Collection articificial nails in “Starlet.” For a first timer, I think they look pretty decent. I must admit, though, I made a little mistake when applying the nails. Can you tell what the mistake is? I chose a nail that was slightly too big for my middle finger. Silly me. Overall, I found applying the artificials nails to be quick and easy. It’s a great alternative to getting your nails done at a nail salon and much cheaper too!

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