Aromatherapaes AM Wake-Up Spa Shower Orange, Geranium & Peppermint Review


Aromatherapaes AM Wake-Up Spa Shower ($8.99) M-Wake Up uses a special wake-up-and-get-going blend of uplifting Orange, balancing Geranium and energizing Peppermint essential oils to help increase your positive energy and concentration without the toxic side effects of artificial stimulants. Simply toss two or three tablets onto your shower floor and start off your day at your natural best.

My Thoughts:

Mmmm… was the first thought that popped into my head after tossing a couple of the Aromatherapaes AM Wake-Up Spa Shower tablets onto the shower floor. As the water hit the tablets, the tablets effervesced and released a light garden-esque, herbal aroma that helps wakes and relaxes you. A total mmm… experience indeed. It really did feel as if I was at a spa. What I like about the Aromatherapaes AM Wake-Up Spa Shower tablets is that the smell wasn’t overwhelming where you’re coughing and choking. Instead, it was more of like a faint background smell that quietly wafts around and fills your bathroom. It was also long lasting. It lasted throughout the whole shower and then some! The tablets dissolve pretty quickly and don’t leave behind any residue or stains. If you don’t take morning showers, there are spa shower tablets for night showers (Aromatherapaes PM Spa Shower) that help take the stress away for a good night sleep.

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