Stila The Purrfect Cat Eye The Talking Kitten Palette Review, Photos, and Swatches


Stila The Purrfect Cat Eye The Talking Kitten Palette ($39.99) Stila’s revolutionary talking palettes let you take a pro makeup artist with you wherever you go. This four-pan talking palette features everything you need to create the perfect cat eye – including Black Cat eye shadow! Who knew beauty could be so simple? Bonus! The palette also includes a mini slanted eye liner brush and Liquid Eyeliner in Black. All Stila eye shadows can be used wet or dry. Apply shadow with a damp bush to intensify the color.

My Thoughts:

The Stila Purrfect Cat Eye the Talking Kitten Palette includes a talking palette with 4 shadows, a mini eyeliner brush, liquid eye liner, and an instruction booklet.

Mini Eyeliner Brush – Love the mini eyeliner brush! It’s an angled brush that is the about the same length as my index finger. The short handle allows me to get up close to a mirror without having to worry about the handle banging into the mirror with each stroke. It doesn’t give you the thinnest line, but I think it’s great for creating a cat eye.

Eyeshadow Palette – I really like the eyeshadows that are included in the palette. There are 4 shadows in the palette: a base, lid, crease, and liner shadow, and they are labeled so you know which shade is for what. All the shades are pigmented and go on so silky, smooth. I didn’t need a lot for the color to show up. They are all blendable and buildable with decent staying power. I want to stay these shadows are the same size as the individual shadows. However, you cannot take them out of the palette without ruining the palette. Now onto the fun part of the palette: it talks to you! When you push the play button, you hear a woman’s voice explaining to you how and when to apply each shade to get the “purrfect” cat eye. The only downside of the talking palette is that there is no pause button for you to push after each step. I don’t know about you, but I can’t apply makeup as quickly as the the woman speaks. So after you finish one step, you have to push play again to hear the recording all over again to get the next step. It was quite annoying.

Liquid Eyeliner – The liquid liner isn’t the best, but it’s fairly decent. Just remember to shake well before each use to get a solid black color. If you don’t, you’ll end up with a faded black. The long felt tip makes for easy application. The dark black color doesn’t last throughout the the whole. I noticed it faded at the end of the day.

Check out more photos and swatches of the Stila The Purrfect Cat Eye The Talking Kitten Palette! *picture heavy*



Crown 15 Piece Professional Brush Set With Designer Case Review and Photos


Crown 15 Piece Professional Set With Designer Case ($43.99)

Set Includes:

Chisel Powder • Chisel Blush • Angle Blush • Foundation

Angle Blender • Oval Shadow • Blending Fluff • Flat Liner

Concealer • Lash Fan • Brow/Lash Groomer • Angle Liner

Oval Lip • Mini Smudger • Round Crease • Faux Reptile Case

My Thoughts:

I’ve heard about how great Crown brushes were and how they were a great replacement for MAC brushes so I decided to purchase some when the 15 Piece Professional Set With Designer Case was on sale for $29.99 (included cost of shipping).

There are 3 different designs for the 15 Piece Professional Set With Designer Case: (1) Set 619: black case with red handles and black ferrules, (2) Set 620: red case with black handles and black ferrules, or (3) Set 621: bronze case with black handles and bronze ferrules.  I have Set 621. The clutch is made of a faux reptile material with velvet interior lining.

What I like about Crown 15 Piece Professional Set With Designer Case is that it’s a clutch case and not a rolled up case. It’s a good change from your usual rolled up case. The brushes are all very soft and held their shape after each washing. I also love the cost of each brush. After doing the math, each brush cost less than $3 if you buy at the $43.99 price.

What I don’t like about the Crown 15 Piece Professional Set With Designer Case is the strong unpleasant smell I was hit with when I first opened the clutch. It does disappear over time after airing it out, but it took awhile. I also didn’t like how a couple of the brushes shed so much. I do understand brushes shed, but do they have to shed so much every time you use and wash them? My face was covered with hairs. Also noticed a few of the brushes weren’t  as soft as they originally were prior to washing, but they were still soft.

Overall, I’m a tad bit on the fence about repurchasing this set. I just expected more from a “professional” brush set. I’ll probably purchase individual brushes to compare the quality to the brush set.

Check out more photos!



MAC 266 Small Angle Brush Review


mac-266-small-angle-brush MAC 266 Angle Brush Review ($19.50) For creating sharp, precise lines. This brush has fibres which are carefully arranged to form a perfect angle. M·A·C professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. They feature wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules. (15 cm in length)

My Thoughts:

I love this angled brush. It has lasted me for years and is still going strong. I use this to apply gel, cream, or powder liners (perfect for the cat eye flick!) and sometimes to fill in my brows. The bristles are firm and thin and not scratchy at all. It is suprisingly very soft. It is very well made and you won’t experience shedding. You can never go wrong with MAC brushes.


Shadow Shields Review



Shadow Shields ($9.99 for 30) Shadow Shields are disposable, light-weight adhesives that easily attach under the eye to catch falling makeup residue and prevent the need for unnecessary touch-ups! The adhesive on the back of the shield is strong enough to hold it in place so users can keep their hands free, while also being gentle enough for the sensitive skin around the eyes.

My Thoughts:

So, I was meandering around Sephora when I discovered a new product: Shadow Shields. My immediate thought was : “Ooo…! I wanna try these out!” Since I didn’t know much about them, I went home and googled Shadow Shields. I found their site and a review from one of the many many beauty blogs I follow: Musings of a Muse.  After reading about it, what did I do? I placed my order. I recently got my order of Shadow Shields. I would just like to first mention how quickly I received my order. The order was placed during the weekend. I forgot which day. You wanna know when I received them? The following Tuesday! How quick was that!? My order was processed, packaged, mailed, and received all by Tuesday. That is just two business days! Usually when you order something online, it takes about a week or maybe longer for your package to get to you. I am still in complete awe.

Anyways, back to the review. So as many of you know, I love smoky eyes. One of the negative things about applying eyeshadow is the fallouts and the smearing you get when you apply eyeshadow. Shadow Shields is a complete God sent gift. No more fallouts. No more smearing. No more holding a tissue underneath your eye with one hand and trying to apply eye makeup with the other. With Shadow Shields, I can now pile on all the eyeshadow I want and not have to worry about anything.

The adhesive is divided into 3 pieces: 2 corner and a middle strip. I find that all I need to use is the 2 corner adhesives and the Shadow Shield stays in place. If you feel you need a stronger hold, use the middle strip also. I heard some people complaining that the adhesive is too strong and when they peel it off, it tugs on their skin. I don’t have that problem, because when I stick it on, I just lightly stick it to my undereye. I don’t press down on the adhesive. There is no need to. Lightly placing the Shadow Shield underneath your eye is good enough for it to stay in place. Also, by applying it lightly to your undereye, you eliminate the risk of the adhesive ruining your face makeup. If you’re worried about not knowing how to use it/apply it, Shadow Shields comes with easy-to-follow directions with pictures. See picture below. I really recommend you give Shadow Shields a try.


I suggest you order from the Shadow Shields site instead of getting it from Sephora. The Shadow Shields site sells a box of 30 for $9.99. At Sephora, a box of 30 costs $16. Even with the cost of shipping, it still comes out to be less than $16.


MAC Magic Mirth and Mischief Brush Set Review


mac-magic-mirth-and-mischief-do-the-trick-buff-and-line-brush-set1 mac-magic-mirth-and-mischief-morning-noon-knight-everything-eye-brush-set1 mac-magic-mirth-and-mischief-wave-of-a-wand-sweep-and-define-brush-set1

(Photos from Temptalia)

(top to bottom)

MAC Magic Mirth and Mischief Do-the-Trick Buff and Line Brush Set ($49.50)

An exclusive brush kit of five key buff-and-line brushes: 168SE, 187SE, 209SE, 219SE and 252SE in a small, rectangular makeup bag of polished silvery-pewter vinyl, the zip adorned with a round bead and grosgrain ribbon detail. Limited edition.

MAC Magic Mirth and Mischief Morning Noon & Knight Everything Eye Brush Set ($49.50)

An exclusive kit of five key brushes: 194SE, 204SE, 224SE, 266SE and 275SE in a small, rectangular makeup bag of polished silvery-pewter vinyl, the zip adorned with a round bead and grosgrain ribbon detail. Limited edition.

MAC Magic Mirth and Mischief Wave of a Wand Sweep and Define Brush Set ($49.50)

An exclusive kit of five key brushes: 129SE, 190SE, 212SE, 227SE and 275SE in a small, rectangular makeup bag of polished silvery-pewter vinyl, the zip adorned with a round bead and grosgrain ribbon detail. Limited edition.

My Thoughts:

I actually didn’t get any of the brush sets from this collection. Why? I mean it seems like a great deal right? You get 5 brushes for the cost of 2-3 brushes. I used to think like that too. That is why I used to get the brush sets from MAC instead of buying them individually. It turns out, the brushes that come in the brush sets do not perform as well as the regular full-size brushes. I found the brush sets would shed so much more than the regular brushes. Also, the brush sets do not feel as soft as the regular brushes. The regular brushes are much better quality because they are hand-made while the brush sets are manufactured. Even though you are saving money by buying the brush sets, it’s better to spend more money and invest in quality brushes that will last you a life time.

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