Urban Decay Midnight Emergency Kit Review, Photos, and Swatches


Urban Decay Midnight Emergency Kit (Regular: $39 sale: $22) When the mood strikes, tap this portable 4-shadow palette and sheer Lip Junkie Lipgloss for INSTANT neutral sultriness… from sunrise to sundown.

My Thoughts:

Urban Decay’s Midnight Emergency Kit is a glittery, neutral eyeshadow kit that comes with 4 almost full-sized (full is 0.05oz. these are 0.04oz.) eye shadows in Midnight Cowboy, Midnight Rodeo, Midnight 15, and AC/DC, a full-sized Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Midnight Cowboy, and a travel sized eyeshadow brush. All of these products are enclosed in a hard zippered case that is the size of my hand so it is very travel friendly. The palette doesn’t feel heavy so it won’t add a lot of weight to whatever you carry it in.

Midnight Cowboy – a glittery pale pink shade. The glittery is quite minimal. I want to say  it was more on the shimmery, frosty side.

Midnight Rodeo – a slightly glittery taupe shade. The glitter was hardly noticeable.

Midnight 15 – a frosty champagne shade.

AC/DC – a shimmery purple shade.

Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Midnight Cowboy – an almost clear glittery gloss with a hint of light pink. On my lips it looked like clear gloss.  It had a strong minty scent but wasn’t sticky at all.

Travel Eyeshadow Brush – the brush did a good job of picking up color and didn’t shed. I can’t compare it the full-sized brush because I don’t own it nor have I tried it.

I know a lot of people complain about the glittery fall out from the eye shadows, but I didn’t experience any. If I did, It was barely noticeable. I don’t know if it was the way I applied the eye shadows or not. What I did was pat the eye shadow on instead of sweeping it across the eyelid. Also, before applying, I tapped off the excess. Overall, I feel this kit is great. You get almost full sized products for less than half the cost if you were to buy them individually. Also, you can create a neutral look for the day time or a smoky eye for a night out.

Check out more photos and swatches of Urban Decay Midnight Emergency Kit!



Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette Review, Photos, Swatches, and Comparison to Naked and Naked 2


Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette ($27) Naked Basics is more than just the long-awaited, multipurpose MATTE companion to Naked. It’s the palette EVERY woman needs in her beauty arsenal. With six stripped-down, Nakedly neutral shadows, it has everything you need for the perfect neutral matte eye—including four totally new and exclusive shades.

It all comes in a sleek compact (embossed with a pretty, metallic “NAKED” on the front) that has a slight sheen and a suede-like feel that practically begs to be touched. (Hello…how gorgeous will THAT look coming out of your bag?!) Best of all, the slim design is perfect for travel—so you’ll never have to be without these must-have shades.

What you see is what you get: Venus (soft, off-white demi-matte), Foxy (cream bisque matte), Walk of Shame (very light nude matte), Naked2 (taupe matte), Faint (warm, dusty brown matte) and Crave (deepest, darkest brown/black matte).

Fill Weight: 6 x 1.3g e 6 x 0.05 US oz

My Thoughts:

I love the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette! I’ve been waiting for a matte palette from Urban Decay for what seems like forever. It’s perfect for anybody looking for neutral matte eye shadows, anybody who isn’t into bold colors or glitter shadows. It’s exactly like its name: basic.

The palette comes with 6 full-sized shades, 4 of which are new.

Venus - a demi matte soft, off white

Foxy - a matte yellowish beige

Walk of Shame (W.O.S) - a matte nude

Naked 2 - a matte light taupe

Faint - a matte medium brown

Crave - a matte black with a hint of brown

All the shades lasted for hours and went on so smoothly. I didn’t experience any fallout or powderyness (is that a word?). They are all very pigmented and true-to-color.

The Naked Basics palette itself is really small and compact compared to previous Urban Decay palettes (see comparison photos to Naked and Naked 2 below). It’s smaller than the size of my hand! The palette is perfect for travel and feels very sturdy. The cover is made of a rubbery material with raised embossing.

Now, did I notice any repeat shades in the Naked Basics palette that are already in the Naked and Naked 2 palettes? Just one: Foxy. It’s part of the Naked 2 palette. I was quite surprised because Urban Decay usually includes at least a couple of repeats in their palettes. Good job Urban Decay!  The other 5 shades are different, but still similar to the shades that are part of the Naked and Naked 2 palettes.

Venus is similar to Bootycall from Naked 2. Venus is a little bit more champagne while Bootycall is is more pinky golden.

Foxy is the same as Foxy from Naked 2.

Walk of Shame is the only one that isn’t similar to any of the shades part of Naked and Naked 2.

Naked 2 is similar to Naked (duh right? It is called Naked 2 after all) from Naked. Naked 2 is not quite as brown as Naked and has a bit of greyness.

Faint is similar to Buck from Naked just a bit a darker.

Crave is similar to Blackout from Naked 2. Crave isn’t a pure black like Blackout. Instead, it’s a brownish black.

I wish I could tell you to skip the Naked Basics palette if you already own one or both of the previous palettes, but I can’t. I just love it so much! I love neutral shades especially if they are matte. I recommend this palette to everybody who loves neutral shades. It is a total must have. I would definitely repurchase the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette.

Check out more photos and swatches of the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette. Also, see comparison photos to the Naked and Naked 2 Palettes!

*Picture heavy*



Bobbie Brown Ultra Nude Eye Palette Review, Photos, and Swatches


Bobbie Brown Ultra Nude Eye Palette ($45) A palette featuring six classic Bobbi Brown nude shades designed to look pretty on all skintones, from fair to dark. The essence of fool-proof makeup, this palette helps you to create neutral eyes that can be paired with everything from neutral lips for a “no makeup” look or bright lips, for a modern look that embodies fresh, effortless cool. Complementary for every complexion, the shades can be used on their own or in combination.

My Thoughts:

I love the Bobbie Brown Ultra Nude Eye Palette! It comes with all the colors you would need to create a neutral or smoky eye look. It also comes with a dual ended brush too. The best part of the palette is that the size is travel friendly. The quality of the shadows are great, and they provide great coverage too. Some of the shadows are on the sheer side, but I think it’s great to help create a no makeup look. The dual ended brush is also awesome because one end is a shadow brush and the other end is a liner brush. Even though the palette is $45 and costs about the same as other neutral eyeshadow palettes, I think it may be my favorite neutral eyeshadow palette. Just the fact that I can fit it in my makeup bag and travel with it, makes it much more appealing than the other neutral shadow palettes I own.

Check out swatches and more photos of the Bobbie Brown Ultra Nude Eye Palette!



Stila The Purrfect Cat Eye The Talking Kitten Palette Review, Photos, and Swatches


Stila The Purrfect Cat Eye The Talking Kitten Palette ($39.99) Stila’s revolutionary talking palettes let you take a pro makeup artist with you wherever you go. This four-pan talking palette features everything you need to create the perfect cat eye – including Black Cat eye shadow! Who knew beauty could be so simple? Bonus! The palette also includes a mini slanted eye liner brush and Liquid Eyeliner in Black. All Stila eye shadows can be used wet or dry. Apply shadow with a damp bush to intensify the color.

My Thoughts:

The Stila Purrfect Cat Eye the Talking Kitten Palette includes a talking palette with 4 shadows, a mini eyeliner brush, liquid eye liner, and an instruction booklet.

Mini Eyeliner Brush – Love the mini eyeliner brush! It’s an angled brush that is the about the same length as my index finger. The short handle allows me to get up close to a mirror without having to worry about the handle banging into the mirror with each stroke. It doesn’t give you the thinnest line, but I think it’s great for creating a cat eye.

Eyeshadow Palette – I really like the eyeshadows that are included in the palette. There are 4 shadows in the palette: a base, lid, crease, and liner shadow, and they are labeled so you know which shade is for what. All the shades are pigmented and go on so silky, smooth. I didn’t need a lot for the color to show up. They are all blendable and buildable with decent staying power. I want to stay these shadows are the same size as the individual shadows. However, you cannot take them out of the palette without ruining the palette. Now onto the fun part of the palette: it talks to you! When you push the play button, you hear a woman’s voice explaining to you how and when to apply each shade to get the “purrfect” cat eye. The only downside of the talking palette is that there is no pause button for you to push after each step. I don’t know about you, but I can’t apply makeup as quickly as the the woman speaks. So after you finish one step, you have to push play again to hear the recording all over again to get the next step. It was quite annoying.

Liquid Eyeliner – The liquid liner isn’t the best, but it’s fairly decent. Just remember to shake well before each use to get a solid black color. If you don’t, you’ll end up with a faded black. The long felt tip makes for easy application. The dark black color doesn’t last throughout the the whole. I noticed it faded at the end of the day.

Check out more photos and swatches of the Stila The Purrfect Cat Eye The Talking Kitten Palette! *picture heavy*



Inglot 5 Round Freedom Palette Review, Photos, and Swatches


Inglot 5 Round Freedom Palette ($25)

My Thoughts:

The Inglot Round Freedom Palette allows you to build your own custom palette. The price for each palette depends on the size and shape (all circle or all square or combination of both) of the Freedom Palette you choose. Palette sizes range from 2 product to 10 product slots. Product wise, you can choose from concealers, lip colors, and eye shadows. It’s your own custom palette so you can include whatever products you would like. The palette comes packaged in a box. The cost of each palette includes the cost of the products and the palette. I decided to make a 5 all round eyeshadow palette for $25.

The palette itself is quite heavy and very sturdy. It’s all magnetized so to open the palette, you have to slide the lid off. The magnets in each of the corners are too strong for you to lift the lid. I had no trouble placing each of the shadows into the slots. I feel once the product is in the palette, you can’t get it out because there is no wiggle room for you to slip your nail or something slim in between the palette and the product. I gauged one of the shadows trying. *tear* At least I can’t get my shadows out of the slots. Maybe there is a way, and I don’t know about it.

The products for the Freedom Palette all come individually packaged and wrapped. They don’t have names. Instead, they are numbered. I don’t like the numbering system because it’s more difficult to remember the name of each product. The eyeshadow themselves are pretty good. The finishes are either matte or shimmery. There were a few that were a bit chalky, but for the most part, they are true to color. They all go on very smoothly and last quite awhile. The size of the eye shadows for the Freedom Palette is very similar to the size of MAC shadows. Note: you can’t place Inglot shadows into MAC palettes. I tried. The Inglot shadows won’t magnetize to the MAC Palettes. One tiny complaint I have about the Inglot eye shadows is the fallout. Besides the fallout complaint, overall Inglot shadows are very good. The price is great too! 5 products and palette for $25.

If you have an Inglot near you, you should check them out. Besides eye shadows, concealers, and lip colors, they sell other products too; full-size and palette size. Their products are reasonably priced and good quality too. Click here for a list of Inglot locations.

Check out swatches of the shadows I chose and more photos! [Picture heavy]


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