Marie Louise Moistraiser α-VC Review


Marie Louise Moistraiser α-VC ($81) This opulent formula mixes alpha-arbutin with stable Vitamin C to deliver multiple high-performance benefits in a serum-type moisturizing toner. Marie Louise applies new technology to highly refined vitamins for deeper penetration, leaving skin even more supple and clear. High caliber moisturizing effects banish dryness over time. Excellent for massages due to its distinctive smooth texture.

My Thoughts:

This is not like your typical toner. Instead of drying out your skin, Marie Louise’s Moistraiser α-VC hydrates your skin. Also, unlike other toners, you don’t have to wash it off. You just leave it on your face after applying. It is very easy to apply. Pour about a quarter sized amount into the palm of your hand and smooth it over your face. Lightly pat your face until the toner is absorbed. No cotton balls or cotton pads involved. You will be left with a healthy glowing look and hydrated soft skin.

After using the Moistraiser α-VC for nearly a month, I noticed my skin was less blotchy and more even-toned. It helped fade/lighten some discoloration and made my complexion appear more clearer. I like that the toner helps hydrates my skin that way I won’t have to depend so much on face cream to keep my skin hydrated. I also like that it is fragrance-free. I cannot tell you much I loathe the alcohol smell that comes with a lot of toners. It doesn’t irritate nor cause any breakouts. It’s perfect for every skin type, even sensitive skin.

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