Pamper Me Fabulous 2010


This past weekend a few friends and I attended the Pamper Me Fabulous event in Huntington Beach. Have you ever heard of it or attended a Pamper Me Fabulous event? Basically, it’s a spa, beauty, and health & wellness event where you can receive lots of different spa and beauty treatments for free! You also get to do lots of shopping and eating (free flowing champagne and drinks and yummy cakes!), and listen in on experts.  Plus, snag a swag bag filled with tons of items from the different participants. Oh la la…

Not only did the Pamper Me Fabulous event help tons of women enjoy a day of relaxation, the event also donated ten percent of all ticket sales to Step Up Women’s Network.

Here are some pictures from Pamper Me Fabulous:



Hue – Huntington Beach, Ca Review



hue_exteriorAn Aveda Lifestyle Salon and Spa

I recently went to get my haircut at Hue in Huntington Beach (Location: Bella Terra). I have never been to Hue, but I had a friend who had given me a gift card to Hue. They provide many services: hairstyling, facials, waxing, etc. They also carry the Aveda line. It is quite similar to Eden Salon and Spa. I was a little nervous going to Hue because I have never been there. When entering Hue, the decor immediately caught my attention. The earth tones brought a relaxing vibe to the place. I was surprised and thankful there was no strong hair dye/tint smell. Instead, I smelled something quite delightful and cozy. Sort of like aromatherapy.

While waiting, I was offered a beverage to drink. When it was my turn, I was surprised and delighted to learn I would be receiving a complimentary massage along with my haircut. From a choice of 3 massage oils, I had to pick one for them to use. I got a scalp, neck, and shoulder massage before my hair was washed. During the hair washing, I received a hand massage.

Nakia, who cut my hair, did a wonderful job! She was so friendly and did not complain about my excess amount of thick hair. I would recommend everybody to come here and give Hue a try.


Eden Salon and Spa Huntington Beach, Ca Review


eden-salon-and-spaAn Aveda Concept Spa and Salon

I love going to Eden Salon and Spa in Huntington Beach (Location: Beach Blvd and Main/Ellis). The decor and people there are so open, welcoming, and relaxing. Elizabeth, my esthetician, is the best! They offer many services: hairstyling, facials, massages, waxing, and makeup application. They also carry the Aveda line.

As soon as you walk through the doors, there is always someone there to greet you and help you. The wait is never long, though I must admit, I don’t mind waiting because I love their waiting room. It’s very comfortable, and there are always a variety of reading materials. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to give Eden Salon and Spa a try.

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