Products I Did Not Know Existed: Pillow Jammie


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I have you guys heard of this? Pillow Jammie? I just found out about it, and I really want to try it.

Pillow Jammie is a special pillow cover designed for wet hair, hair oils and deep conditioners. The pillow cover is constructed with very soft microfiber towel that is ultra absorbent. It also has a secret built in liner that is 100% waterproof and stain resistant! Perfect to use at home or the pool.

How cool is this? I know what you are probably thinking. Can’t you just place a towel over your pillow before you go to bed? The answer is yes you can. But for me personally, every time I do that, in the morning I always find my pillow wet because the towel either on the floor or got tangled up with my blankets. Haha I just realized I sound like I’m selling these. I’m not by the way. I’m just so excited to have discovered a product that might solve my problem.

Did you know this existed? Are you excited as I am?


Products I Did Not Know Existed: Face-kinis



Have you heard of a “face-kini”? I hadn’t until last week. The face-kini was invented several years ago and is now catching on. It is a light cloth that is used to protect the face from tanning. It is being sold for less than $5 at swim shops in China.

I do understand wanting to  protect yourself from the sun and not wanting to tan, but I guess I don’t understand why you would only want to protect just your face. To me it would look funny to have a tan body and a pale colored face. I guess I’m all or nothing kind of person.

What do you think of the face-kini? Is this something you’ll try?


Products I Did Not Know Existed: Weight Loss Fragrance


Did you hear? There is a fragrance that helps you lose weight called Prends Moi! From what I understand, this fragrance is available in the UK. Prends Moi contains ingredients that induce the release of B-endorphins in your skin. Endorphins make you happy. Since you’re happy, this reduces the feeling of stress which in turn will reduce the need to overeat. And voila! You are on your way to a slimmer looking you.

Could this be too good to be true? Have any of you tried or heard of Prends Moi? I wonder if it even smells good…


Products I Did Not Know Existed: Boxer Shorts Defrizzes


This week’s Products I Did Not Know Existed is more of a tip I did not know works. Apparently using boxer shorts to dry curly hair reduces frizz. The fibers in towels increase frizziness whereas the cotton in boxer shorts is less agitating.

Has anyone heard of this tip before? Or maybe has tried it?


Products I Did Not Know Existed: Funky False Eyelashes


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This isn’t a product I didn’t know existed, more of who would use this on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, these lashes look really pretty. But honestly, when would you use them really? Aside from costume parties or for artistic reasons.

What do you think about these lashes? Are these something you would wear yourself or more for admiring?

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