Tip of the Week Collection


A collection of tips from the previous weeks:


  1. Smile. Any person will instantly look prettier.
  2. Relax. Go on a vacation. Have a day off. Give yourself some you time. You will feel refreshed.
  3. To avoid a double chin when photographed, have the photographer hold the camera slightly above eye level and pointed down.
  4. To have a more natural smile when photographed, giggle out loud right before the picture is taken.

Beauty Products

  1. Can’t decide between two foundation shades? Choose the darker one. It’ll give your complexion color and still look natural.
  2. Throw out mascara after 3-4 months of use. Extra tip: If you want your mascara to last longer, don’t pump the wand in and out — you’re only exposing the product to drying air.
  3. Bring your empty makeup containers to Clinique. They will recycle it for you.
  4. Don’t go out and buy a new lip color. Mix and match the ones you have. You never know what new colors you’ll end up with. It could be your favorite!
  5. Run out of shaving cream? Use hair conditioner.
  6. Turn your regular eye cream into a depuffer by keeping it in the refrigerator. The cold temperature restricts blood flow around the eyes causing I-spent-last-night-counting-sheep bags to practically disappear.
  7. Having trouble finding the perfect concealer shade? NYC makeup artist Ana Marie suggests mixing your liquid foundation with loose translucent powder for better coverage.
  8. If you store your lipstick in the refrigerator, it will last longer.


  1. Creamy shampoos are more hydrating than clear shampoos.
  2. Give your hair a quick volume boost by blow drying your hair upside down and directing the heat to the roots.
  3. To give hair some bounce, even if it’s long or short, cut long layers. If hair is one length, it becomes heavy, so add some layers to the ends.
  4. Summer is here! Tousled, wavy hair is sexier than super straight hair.
  5. To make your highlights look natural, create the thinnest streaks possible.
  6. Washing your hair everyday is unnecessary and strips your hair of its natural oils.
  7. Brushing your hair too often/too many times can cause your hair to become dull. It can also cause split ends and breakage. Just your brush your hair to detangle.
  8. To blow dry your hair quickly, start with the bottom layers and work your way to the top layers.
  9. Summer caused your hair to be dry and brittle? A protein treatment can do wonders!
  10. The best way to shape up your hair is to trim it.


  1. The SPF in your makeup doesn’t count, because you don’t use enough of it for protection. So apply sunscreen before your makeup.
  2. To minimize foot pains when wearing heels, sit wherever and whenever you can – J. Alexander aka Miss J of America’s Next Top Model.
  3. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep because when you sleep your body repairs skin cells.


  • Cheeks

  1. If you put on too much cream blush, blot the color off with a tissue. Too much powder blush, apply powder with a powder brush/puff to counteract the excess color.
  • Eyes

  1. Get rid of bloodshot eyes with navy blue eyeliner. According to experts, the hue makes the whites of your eyes appear brighter.
  2. Curling your lashes will help make your eyes appear bigger.
  3. To make your eyeshadow and eyeliner last longer, apply an eyeshadow primer. This will allow the shadow and/or eyeliner to grab onto something instead of oily lids.
  4. What’s a quick way to get eyeshadow to last longer? Dip your brush into a little bit of water before applying eyeshadow.
  5. Use a bit of highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes and coat lashes with a glossy, lengthening mascara for a bright-eyed look.
  6. Try using a white eye pencil on the inner rims of eyes to brighten eyes.
  7. To help eyeliner stay put, “it helps if you set the liner with a little bit of matte eyeshadow that matches it over it” brought to you by Soo
  • Eyebrows

  1. Don’t know which color to fill in your brows with? If your brows are dark, choose a color that is a couple shades lighter than your brow color. If your brows are light, choose a color that is a couple shades darker than your brow color.
  • Face

  1. You need 2 different types of concealers: a creamy one for under circles and a heavier formula for blemishes and redness.
  2. Short on time but want to look refreshed? Apply tinted moisturizer, mascara, and lip gloss and you’re done!
  3. For better makeup application, always start with a fresh and healthy skin. Drink lots of water and never neglect your skin. Hillary
  • Lashes

  1. To make your eyelash curl last longer, heat your metal eyelash curler with your blow dryer on low heat, blow air on the curler for about 5 seconds.
  2. To maximize your curled lashes, look downward with your eyes and apply mascara.
  3. Want longer and thicker lashes? Layer on two different kinds of mascara: a lengthening and a thickening mascara.
  • Lips

  1. To give the illusion of full lips, apply lipgloss to the center of your lips.
  2. Using the same lip liner you used to line your lips, fill/color your entire lips. This will help prevent the dreaded lip liner ring around your mouth if/when your lipstick fades or disappears.


  1. When filing nails, make sure nails are dry. Filing wet nails can cause splitting.
  2. To elongate the look of your fingers, paint your nails with a flesh-tone polish.
  3. To prevent hangnails, keep your cuticles moisturized.
  4. To remove dark nail polish quickly and easily, apply cuticle oil first.
  5. To get nail polish to dry quicker, air dry for 2 minutes then dunk your fingers into ice cold water for a couple of minutes.
  6. Don’t cut your cuticles. They are there to protect the root of your nail from bacteria.
  7. When you step out of the shower, rub a bit of olive oil into the nail bed and cuticles to heal delicate, raggedy skin.
  8. To prevent the yellowing of nails when wearing nail polish, make sure to apply a good base coat first.


  • Body

  1. To prevent stretch marks, stay hydrated inside and out. Moisturize daily and drink lots of water.
  2. Don’t pick at ingrown hairs. Instead, massage the area with a cotton ball soaked in a salicylic or glycolic acid cleanser.
  3. Vitamin E helps prevents scarring – Courtesy of Thi
  4. Sometimes a pumice stone just doesn’t cut it. What are your alternatives? Try terra cotta. The advantage of terra cotta is it’s kiln-dried finish; it never wears out. -SkinMD
  5. Got body breakouts? Chances are the conditioner from your hair was not completely rinsed off your body. Use a body scrub a couple times a week.
  6. Use shaving cream when shaving. It will allow the razor to glide over your skin giving a nice, smooth finish. Plus, no nicks and bloody cuts to worry about.
  7. Self-tanner boo boo? Dip a cotton ball in lemon juice and run over streaky areas — lemon juice is a natural exfoliator and skin lightener.
  8. Studies find that women who work out regularly have firmer skin than similar nonexercisers. The reason: Exercise infuses skin with oxygen and nutrients needed for collagen production. To keep your skin toned, make time for at least three 30-minute heart-pumping workouts per week.
  9. Apply moisturizer within 10 minutes from stepping out of the shower to avoid skin drying out – Lulu
  • Eyes

  1. To reduce the puffiness under the eye, look for an eye cream that contains caffeine. The caffeine will temporarily cause blood vessels to constrict. Also avoid salt and drink lots of water.
  2. Cold water reduces puffiness. It also tones the skin and gives the circulation to your face a jump start. -SkinMD
  • Eyebrows

  1. To avoid and minimize eyebrow tweezing pain, tweeze your brows right after you shower. The steam from the shower opens your pores for quicker and easier hair removal.
  • Face

  1. Apply moisturizer to your freshly washed face within three minutes to lock in moisture
  2. Give acne meds 6 to 8 weeks to work.
  3. You know the rule: Don’t touch your face! Fingers spread bacteria making/worsening breakouts!
  4. Moisturize daily even if your skin is oily.
  5. Want to know how to keep your skin youthful and wrinkle free? Apply sunblock everyday and often. Rain or shine.
  6. If you have oily skin (like me!), use  a facial cleanser with salicylic acid.
  7. Moisturize before applying your base/foundation. It will make applying makeup much easier plus gives your complexion a healthy glow.
  8. Exfoliate your face at least once a week. This will remove dry/dead skin and allow for better absorption of skincare products.
  9. To get rid of pillow creases on your face, splash your face with warm water and then massage in moisturizer.
  10. Adult acne? Skin care products that contain mineral oil or other petroleum products block the pores. Switch to something without oil, and it may handle the problem. -SkinMD
  11. Don’t pop that pimple! Bacteria can creep in and cause a major infection. Leave the popping to the pros.
  12. If you want to improve your skin, look younger, help prevent and maybe even reverse the aging process, reduce your sugar intake and add ALA to your daily supplements. It will help your skin, and improve your general health. -SkinMD
  13. If you’re tired of looking for natural skin cleansers that don’t contain toxic chemicals, try baking soda. -SkinMD
  14. Lemon juice and rosewater combination is effective in fading brown/age spots. -SkinMD
  • Lips

  1. To make your lips look kissable, exfoliate your lips 1 to 2 times a week.